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Young Jewish woman fights for religious divorce from allegedly abusive husband

Rivky Stein

Rivky Stein describes how her husband abused her in her YouTube video.

Rivky Stein, 25, of Brooklyn, New York, broke down in court last month as she accused her husband of abuse of raping and starving her.

The husband, Yoel Weiss, refuses to give her a “get,” or religious divorce. Under orthodox Jewish law, only the husband can grant a get.

Read about the case here:

‘Raped on her wedding night, beaten while pregnant then starved and tortured by her own husband’ but still DENIED a divorce: Orthodox Jewish woman fights for religious separation as partner laughs at her in court, on

There’s a term for this situation in Hebrew agunot, or “chained wives.” According to Tablet, a website about Jewish life, there are hundreds of cases of agunot in North America. There’s actually an organization that tries to help women caught in these cases. One of the strategies is public shaming of the recalcitrant husband. Read more on:

Facebook, unchain me! on

Rivky created a YouTube video in which she describes how she was treated by her husband. Lovefraud readers will recognize his power and control tactics in this disturbing account.

Rivky speaks, on (You need to sign in and confirm your age to view the video.)

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Just a quick comment.

On her YouTube video she got 540 thumbs up votes and 149 thumbs down votes.

That is a lot of thumbs down, in comparison to other YouTube videos. Telling isn’t it?

We need to show our support.


Rivky Stein, HUGE HUGS TO YOU!!!

I can not imagine your nightmare that you are dealing with…I read about you story a while back and was shocked by what you were still enduring. It’s shocking that a courts this day and age are still clueless about domestic abuse AND they actually allow a abuser to continue to abuser their spouse in court by allowing the abuser to drag out divorce cases for years and years chaining the victims to her abuser still. As for the religious aspect just shaking my head…as the men of this religion stand back and allow a devil to continue abusing a good kindhearted woman all in the name of religion without intervening is sad, shocking and extremely disappointing.

I truly hope that Rivky finds peace once she is free from this evil man.


ps Rivky Stein look at the site Onemomsbattle. com, her books, & facebook page. They will give you great support for the court aspect. In addition look into getting a court ordered mental evaluation on your soon to be ex. One moms battle can help you with this…this will be your savings grace in the future when dealing with your ex regarding your children custody issues.


WOW Donna absolutely mind blowing! One of the biggest things I have learned from being married/divorced from a sociopath & now educated is NEVER allow someone or a group of people to control your mind and tell you what you can and can not do if it goes against your gut instinct…in this case the attempting to get permission granted for a “get” all “in the name of religion” thinking goes against my gut instinct. NO religion should give a Husband that much power over a woman that no longer wants to be married to him especially in this day and age. It goes against our Founding Fathers wishes here in America and what they wrote in the Declaration of Independence. This is when you seriously have to question your own religion & their belief system.

Religions are based on controlling large groups of people…yes they teach us right from wrong & other great lessons but they also do habitual rituals that are used to control peoples minds & control their time. I was born into a Catholic family and always questioned the church beliefs/rituals even as a young child. How the Catholic Church handled continual abuse from priest is disheartening & sick.

If you go back to the beginning of time of any old established religion there is a clear manipulation of people to follow the rules of the ruling family (The Royals). When the Ruling Dynasty family in Spain decided to switch religion to Catholicism 1000 plus years ago (??) they told the people of Spain if you do not switch you have two options leave the country or be killed. And they were not the only Royal family to do this. Is this in the name of God? or in the name of controlling peoples minds? I would say the latter.

Religions are exactly like Cults feeding your mind sometimes of bad beliefs too. Am I still a Catholic? Yes because I was born into a family of this religion. I am not practicing (meaning not going to church) but I also follow my gut instinct and have every right to say I disagree with the Pope and the Vatican’s believe. (I must say that I do like this new Pope). Even Mother Theresa questions if there was a God & if the Catholic Church was good after see so much suffering in the world and I am sure also because she saw the bad of the Church first hand.

Rivky Stein is a strong woman for going up against not only her abusive husband but also changing the mindset of her religion members. Wish her the best.


ps it would be wrong to hire a Rabbi to abuse another person. Donna, you ask “So is his approach justified? I don’t know.”….I would say no…this is when you just choose to walk away from a very controlling religion & find peace without having a religious divorce. I do not need a Catholic annulment to remarry because I did the only thing possible to stay alive = leave a abusive sociopath. And no church would be justified to keep you chained to your abuser for the rest of your life.

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