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Young missionary sentenced to 40 years for sexually abusing orphans in Kenya

Matthew Lane Durham

Matthew Lane Durham

Matthew Durham, 21, of Oklahoma, was found guilty of abusing six girls and a boy at an orphanage in Kenya.

He claimed there was a demon named “Luke” inside him who made him do “horrible things,” according to

Judge sentences Oklahoma man convicted of abusing orphans to 40 years in prison, on

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Rosie Jackson

They always place the blame elsewhere.
There is no “demon” named “Luke”, but there is a demon named Matthew.
He went to Kenya with the intention of hurting those innocent girls. He was on a mission alright.
May God help those poor girls.


His statement that he ‘does not fear God’s judgement’ is probably true. If he did fear God’s judgement he would not have committed the sexual molestation and rape.

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