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Zimmerman racks up multiple brushes with the law since Trayvon Martin acquittal

George Zimmerman was recently arrested for aggravated assault, domestic violence battery and criminal mischief.  Zimmerman was picked up for allegedly busting up the furniture in his girlfriend’s house, pointing a shot gun at her face and kicking her out of her house. At the bail hearing, the girlfriend claimed that Zimmerman choked her a week and a half earlier, but no official charges were  made.

Zimmerman’s soon-to-be-ex wife also reported that since the Trayvon Martin case, Zimmerman threatened her and her father, and was twice stopped for speeding. Zimmerman has a court-appointed lawyer because he has no job and a huge debt from the Martin trial.

George Zimmerman posts $9,000 bail in domestic violence case, from

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5 Comments on "Zimmerman racks up multiple brushes with the law since Trayvon Martin acquittal"

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It’s sad his girlfriend thought she could help him. I hope it is a good lesson for all of us.
Don’t try to save Killers and batterers, it will never happen.
I have seen a few pieces in the media insinuating his felonies are her fault.
I hope the media doesn’t turn on her, she is NOT the felon. GZ is NOT the victim….he is the felon and I doubt he will stop abusing people until he has no other options.

I imagine that since the victory in the Trayvon case, Zimmerman’s narcissism and aggression have been amped up a notch. He is likely feeling completely invincible at this point.

If we feed the monster it gets stronger.

Slimone, love that “if we feed a monster, it gets stronger”

Did you notice how he tried to be allowed to go back to the house to get his stuff? It’s an attempt to continue to control the situation. As if to say ‘ I can still get in your house, and even with the help of the police’
Doesn’t that sound familiar? He still thinks he can manipulate the police to get what he wants.
Also, Which is it ? He doesn’t have anyone go get his stuff ? OR does he have significant ties to the community…Can’t have it both ways..

Right Libby? A power play fer sher. And, talking out of both sides of his mouth. Blech!

Nothing new here. George Zimmerman points a gun at everyone.

I wrote it tongue in cheek, but it’s true. This guy is a ticking time bomb and he’s at the bottom of the barrel now. He’s all but living in a box under a bridge somewhere, all his 2nd amendment supporters are gone, the media isn’t at all portraying him in a kind way, and he has nothing much left to lose.

There’s more to the story than most of the major media is reporting. The girlfriend’s behavior is a little strange too, not that it in any way justifies domestic violence towards her. But I think it’s important to note that even though she is a victim of his abuse, she vehemently denies claims made by Zimmerman’s wife of domestic abuse in that September incident. She also was apparently shopping around her story to the media before this latest incident took place.

The girlfriend also claims that George Zimmerman sent a video of the two of them having sex to her minor daughter after yet another prior domestic incident. He should have been jailed at the very least for pandering obscenity to a minor but she never filed a complaint and he’s not charged.

Their relationship has been off and on for at least 12 years (she was 15, he was 18), and the latest romance began after Zimmerman’s marriage turned sour but *before* he killed Treyvon Martin.

George’s reputation might precede him as far as forming new romantic relationships, so what does he do? He keeps playing on the sympathies of a woman he already knows, using just what sort of bait might appeal to her: saving him.

So what happened to all of George’s money? I clearly recall his jailhouse tapes, telling his wife to hide money and passports. Where did all the money in donations go?

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