There is no drabber place to be

Why is it that in the popular media super-psychopaths like serial killers are portrayed has having such rich inner lives? (Consider the highly cultured Hannibal Lecter.) That’s not right at all.

Anthony Lane, film reviewer for the New Yorker, makes the point well:

There was a time when, as a God-fearing member of the community, you could commit a single murder, drop a couple of clues, and wait to be unmasked. Now it’s all serial slayers, stacking up bodies like air miles. Filmgoers are supposed to find this multiplicity enticing, and we are constantly being invited to enter into the “mind” of the serial killer, but in truth there is no drabber place to be, and the idea that there might be an artfulness, even a style, to the act of homicide is one of the more pernicious fantasies that movies like to hawk.

It’s a drab, dreadful hell in there – all of which is inflicted on others.

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Very interesting! Thank you for sharing!

I was discussing healing with a woman once, victim of a P, and I was discussing my philosophy of healing, and she screamed at me, “I don’t need philosophy 101, just tell me how to HEAL!”

It reminded me of an episode years ago when I was doing diabetic teaching to a patient, diet, exercise, and other things (besides medication) that are THE treatment for diabetes, and she impatiently listened for a wihle, and then screamed at me, “Don’t give me all that crap, just give me enough insulin that I can eat what I want and control the blood sugar!”

Well, in either of these two instances there is no “easy” answer—healing is philosophy 101, it is psychology 101, it is medicine 101, it is spirituality 101…etc. it is all of these things, just like treating diabetes is diet 101 , is exercise, is medication 101, and it is healthy living 101…

I am a Christian in my beliefs, but to me “spirituality” doesn’t even mean that you have to believe in any god or any “higher power” even, but spirituality is in us all….what your beliefs are isn’t important, just that your spirit is involved. To me that is a very important part of healing…just as learning about psychology, and learning about ourselves, and the Ps, and learning what stress does to our physical health, and about brain function etc…so all of these things help us heal. Not just one aspect.

While we are individuals, still our experiences are so much alike, because we all got bitten by the same emotional snake, and the pain, little or great, fills us entirely. The recipies for healing are pretty much the same, with just a tweek here and a tweek there to meet our individual specifications. But, there is NO simple answer, and for some it takes more time than others. Thank you for sharing.

Bill Rielly did a whole show segment tonight on wheter Obama shows any empathy for the people of Louisiana.

That was interesting!


AlohaTraveler- he used a piece of me and a piece of every woman he crossed paths with in his ads for Match and on CL.

I thought it strange when after knowing my man for maybe a month or so, that he said he had saved every one of my emails to him. Some of the stuff he wrote to me, I would wrinkle my eyebrow and think WHAT? When I found out the first time he was cruising dating websites, I called him on one of the things he had written in his profile that proved it was current and not an old ad he “forgot” he had. He said “it’s not like I copied and pasted it.” Funny how months later, I see some of my verbiage used in his emails to me, and subsequently to other women. The kicker was when he called me one afternoon from work and said he was talking with some of the guys and pumped me for info regarding a trip we had taken. I saw it a couple of months later in an email to someone else.

Dear Silvermooon,

This blog is open enough we do often discuss spirituality and religion on here without killing o ne another, but I am NOT SURE WE SHOULD DISCUSS POLITICS in any more than a general context—LOL ROTFLMAO

Personally, I think ALL the politicians are CROOKS and NARCISSISTS AT BEST, but many are psychopaths, but won’t name any names here! LOL ROTFLMAO

Having lived outside of New Orleans for a while, I DO have empathy for those people’s lives and life styles…and for our mother earth!


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