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Love Fraud (ebook or hardcover)



Why did this happen to me? When your romantic partner has betrayed you, that’s your burning question. After realizing her husband was a sociopath who never loved her, and only used her, Donna Andersen demanded answers — of God, the Universe, anyone who was listening. She got them — but the answers weren’t what she expected.

Love Fraud tells two parallel stories. The first is the true story of Donna’s marriage to a sociopathic con artist, James Montgomery. He promised a life of luxury, but took $227,000 from her, cheated with at least six women, had a child with one of them and committed bigamy. Donna knew none of that as she struggled to make her marriage work, and when the truth was finally revealed, she was devastated — but found a way forward.

The second story is a spiritual journey. Seeking to understand why her life was ravaged, Andersen learned that her soul planned the entire experience. Her soul’s objective was to release betrayal that went back through multiple lifetimes, enabling Donna to return to wholeness and find a true, lasting love.




Love Fraud

How marriage to a sociopath fulfilled my spiritual plan


By Donna Andersen, author of

How do you recover from the devastation of a sociopath?

Donna Andersen thought she’d found the man of her dreams. James Alwyn Montgomery, originally of Sydney, Australia, proclaimed his love and proposed marriage. He painted a glistening picture of their life together—entrepreneurial success, social standing, a happy family.

The picture turned out to be a mirage, and it cost Donna almost everything—her money, her business, her sense of self.

How did this happen? And how could she overcome it?

In Love Fraud, Donna bares her soul and tells the complete, highly personal story. She reveals why she was vulnerable to the con artist’s scam. She relates the promises Montgomery made, and her confusion as she began to realize that they were lies. When Donna discovers the shocking truth—much more sordid than she ever imagined—her profound sense of betrayal and anger is palpable.

At that point, Donna could have crumbled. Instead, she chose to fight. Love Fraud describes how Donna teamed up with Montgomery’s other victims to pursue him with every tool they had—legal and not-so-legal.

The main battle, however, was internal. Donna reveals her anguish and emotional pain. How could she have been so naive? Why did this happen to her? But as she struggled to rebuild her life, much to her surprise, she learned that the entire ordeal had a spiritual dimension. Donna takes the reader along with her as she gradually becomes aware of the real purpose of the experience—releasing traumas of the past so that she could find a true, lasting love.

Love Fraud is written with lush description and gripping tension of a novel. But it is a true story, a story of one woman’s journey from outrageous betrayal to peace and contentment. For anyone who has suffered the treachery of a sociopath, Love Fraud explains how it happens and why it happens. The book proves there is a reason for the pain, and a path to recovery. It is a beacon of hope.

E-book edition

The e-book edition is abridged, yet is still a riveting tale with empathetic character development, dramatic tension and a satisfying, inspirational ending. It is available in all e-reader formats.


“Love Fraud is a new classic on sociopathy”

“The writing is so vivid and lush with detail that I had the sensation of having been invited into a real-time world with a real-life sociopath, the effect of which was to leave me with a sense of having had a powerful virtual-reality experience.” Steve Becker, LCSW

“A courageous work helps readers comprehend the reality of sociopaths in our midst”

“Helps readers comprehend the reality of sociopaths in our midst beyond what is normally covered in mainstream media. It’s one thing to understand sociopaths in generalized or academic terms, and quite another to experience them in real life.” Fannie LeFlore, MS, LPC, CADS-D

“A guide to taking back our lives”

“This book is not about being a victim, but about being a victor.” Kathleen Hawk

For more information, including a sample chapter, visit the Love Fraud book page.

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