Love Fraud

Love Fraud  — How marriage to a sociopath fulfilled my spiritual plan

Sociopaths have no heart, no conscience and no remorse—and sometimes we engage with them for our own spiritual growth.

Love Fraud tells two parallel stories. The first is the outrageous story of Donna Andersen’s marriage to a sociopathic con artist, James Montgomery, originally of Sydney, Australia. Montgomery took a quarter million dollars from her, cheated with at least six women during a two-and-a-half year marriage, had a child with one of them, and ten days after Donna left him, married the mother of the child. It was the second time he committed bigamy. The book gives an up close and personal look at what it’s really like to be involved with a sociopath.

The second story is about Donna’s personal spiritual journey. Seeking to understand why her life was ravaged, Andersen developed an ability to channel spiritual guidance, and learned that her soul planned the entire debacle. The object of the exercise was for her to experience and then release the devastating betrayal so that she could return to wholeness.

Key points in Love Fraud:

1. Shows the true nature of sociopaths: no heart, no conscience, no remorse.
2. Portrays in-depth how sociopaths deceive and manipulate their victims.
3. Exposes the limitations of laws and social institutions in dealing with sociopaths.
4. Illustrates how metaphysical concepts play out in an individual life story.
5. Explains how traumas from past lives affect our present life.
6. Reveals how our souls choose painful lessons to help us return to wholeness.

Love Fraud is more than the story of a woman betrayed—although the depth and breadth of the betrayal is shocking. It is a highly personal account of dealing with, and ultimately overcoming, the betrayal. It is a story of triumph.

If you have suffered the devastation of a sociopath, Love Fraud is a comfort, like sharing your experience with a close and loyal friend. The story will help you realize that you’re not alone, and there is a way out.

If you’ve been lucky enough to avoid sociopaths so far, Love Fraud will teach you that evil sometimes comes disguised as love. You’ll learn the warning signs, so if you start to see them, you’ll know to keep the heartless predator out of your life.

Millions of sociopaths live among us, yet most of us don’t know they exist. Donna Andersen was once one of the uninformed. But after her disastrous marriage to a man who she now believes is a sociopath, she has written this book, Love Fraud—How marriage to a sociopath fulfilled my spiritual plan, to tell the rest of us what they’re really all about.


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