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Love Fraud: I read through the night – I couldn’t put it down

By Ox Drover

Donna Andersen, a successful journalist from New Jersey, who is the author of the site and blog, has written a book about her life experiences, both before and after her marriage to James Montgomery, who she believes fits the profile of sociopath (psychopath). Donna’s  journalism degree from Syracuse University and her experience as editor of Atlantic City Magazine contribute to the readability of this book, called Love Fraud—How marriage to a sociopath fulfilled my spiritual plan.

The day I received my copy of the advance uncorrected proof of this book, I was entirely excited and rushed from the mail box to my favorite chair and perched there the entire night ”¦ that’s right, I read through the night until the rays of daylight the next morning and my complete fatigue from being up all night pushed me toward the coffee pot. I couldn’t put it down.

The book is actually two stories in one volume, one story about Donna’s  spiritual journey, and the other about the physical, emotional, spiritual, career and financial devastation she suffered at the hands of James Montgomery.

Through these stories, you come to recognize not just James Montgomery himself, and a couple of other, less devastating encounters, she had with toxic (probably sociopathic) individuals, but to recognize psycho/sociopaths in general.

In addition to learning about the toxic people that Donna interacted with, you are introduced to the spiritual aspects of Donna’s life and see that aspect of her growth as she learns from her trials and tribulations in dealing with toxic people.

The reader also learns about:

  • The true nature of sociopaths: no heart, no conscience and no remorse.
  • How sociopaths deceive and manipulate their victims.
  • The limitations of the law in dealing with sociopaths.
  • How metaphysical concepts play out in an individual life.
  • How traumas from past lives affect our present life.
  • Why our souls choose painful lessons.

Fortunately for Donna, her life-path and spiritual-path both lead eventually to a “fairy tale ending” when she met the love of her life, Terry Kelly. Terry has supported Donna in her efforts to make into a haven of comfort and education for other victims of toxic people. Donna has turned her own personal journey into and out of hell-on-earth into something positive and productive for both herself and others.

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When you told me you stayed up all night to read my book, I couldn’t believe it. What a compliment!

Thank you so much for all your contributions to Lovefraud. This whole endeavor turned into much more than I ever imagined, and you are one of the reasons why.

Thanks again!


Donna, I was very honored that you asked me to review your book before the final printing. Though I already knew the “general” story, your writing kept me turning the pages, I couldn’t put it down, so sat all night turnning pages one after the other to see what was coming next! Sometimes I literally couldn’t believe my eyes as more detail came out of your story.

Though each former victim of a psychopath has “unbelievable” tales to tell (I do think more people would “believe” our tales if we told folks we were abducted by alien space ships! LO) no matter how unbelieveable the tales get another former victim can well believe it! People who have been defrauded by a psychopath, a lovefraud do “get” your story! Do believe how malignant a psychopath is, and will draw strength from knowing they are not alone in the things that have happened to them. Will draw strength knowing that others have gone before them, and will believe their stories.

Thanks for all you have done with Lovefraud to help others heal.


Hi Donna,
I have your book on order, and can’t wait to read it. This site has helped me more than I thought possible, after my marriage to a sociopath.



Donna, I would have to agree with the above review, I could not put the book down! I kept turning the page to see what JM would say or do next, I also found it very interesting to read the stories of some of the other women who got involved with him. People just don’t understand how they can be targeted by a predator (male or female). If they read your book they’ll understand. 5 Stars from me!


My goal in writing the book was to tell the story so that people could see how it happens. I’m glad you liked it!

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