2013 Battered Mothers Custody Conference May 10-11 in Washington, DC

The 2013 Battered Mothers Custody Conference (BMCC) will be held at George Washington University Law School in Washington DC, on Friday, May 10, from 10 a.m. till 9 p.m. and Saturday, May 11, from 9 a.m. till 4:30 p.m. This conference includes programs to help mothers who are representing themselves in legal battles with ex-partners.

This year the BMCC joins forces with the Mothers of Lost Children, the Center for Judicial Excellence, and other groups to raise awareness of mothers losing custody to abusers. The conference will be followed by a March on Washington on Sunday, May 12, Mothers Day, coordinated by the Mothers of Lost Children. Lobbying will take place on Monday, May 13 at the United States Congress and Senate.

The host conference hotel is the DoubleTree Washington DC — Crystal City, 300 Army Navy Drive, Arlington, Virginia. Ask for the BMCC Conference rate, which is only available through March 30, 2013.

BMCC has partnered with Flower Power Fundraising, which offers top-quality flower bulbs for purchase. For every purchase made through the special BMCC fundraising site, Flower Power will give 50% back to Battered Mothers Custody Conference. All purchases ship directly to you and your friends and family and come with a 100% money-back guarantee. Flowers can be purchased online until April 26, 2013

For additional information, go to www.BatteredMothersCustodyConference.org.

You may also contact Mo Therese Hannah, Ph.D., BMCC Chair, at [email protected].

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Lovingthem, it’s not just “Christians” that are blind to “bad” people, but it’s like this: to be a member of my club, you have to agree that everyone wearing the color green is guaranteed redemption. People wearing the color blue are only DESERVING of redemption if they agree that the people in green have already been redeemed.

What it all boils down to is faulty doctrines and demands. Most people that I know who abide by specific doctrines do not intend harm to others. Those people have a desire and mandate to HELP OTHERS and trust that others are able and willing to change for the better. Those trusting, caring, and vulnerable people are the perfect targets for predators. Especially within Christian doctrines, I was taught that we were FORGIVEN of all of our sins when we accepted Christ. Okie dokie. To a predator, regurgitating the words GUARANTEE that they have been forgiven for everything that they’ve done, that they’re being forgiven for what they’re doing, right now, AND, that they will BE forgiven for future sins against humanity. They’re given the platinum “Get Out Of Jail, FREE” card and they exploit that card at every opportunity.

Spaths hone in on these core beliefs and values with surgical precision and dismantle victim targets before they even know what’s hit them.

Brightest blessings

……and the most dangerous Christians are those that Claim Jesus as their Savior and that they can basically do whatever they want, and still go to heaven. Predators in churches, have done so much damage to the name of Christ, the cause of Christ, to me, these are some of the most dangerous of predators…except for child predators, that is. Also there religious arrogance, is unparalleled…

Yes, I agree Ox Drover, Truthspeak and Radar_On. Just the other day my children told me that the spath told them that he believes that when a person dies they will meet Jesus and Jesus will ask them if they want to go to heaven or hell and that the person’s choice will be honored!!!!!!!!! I wonder if he really believes that. So basically, according to him, you can do anything you want in this life and Jesus lets you choose between heaven and hell regardless of what you’ve done. Unreal. Well, that explains his utter lack of concern over suffering any consequences of his evil deeds.

Lovingthem, All I can do is just shake my head, At what that creature told your children! Just o….m….g……..

Me too. I shudder when they tell me these things.

I found the article of interest and I thought I might add a bit of my life story. I went through a similar experience. I didn’t divorce my partner but have tired to deal with his issues and had to deal with my own depression from his problems and behaviour.

I stayed in therapy for a lot of our marriage first to resolve childhood issues then for the support it brought me in raising a family. The Doctor’s I saw were mostly woman and it proved helpful. The Doctor I saw said that one day I would leave my husband. This was not helpful as I didn’t want to lose our home or our children’s school as they had learning issues.
I saw my MD, also a woman. Three other doctor’s, a nurse associated with a hospital who I felt really could care less about people. I eventually worked for a psychologist actually in a practice and then after a double hit of depression I found a psychologist and stayed with her. I also decided at one point to have a complete break and took a holiday a long way away. I visited a distant relative whom I had a lot in common with then decided I would go back to see her again. I had by this time been married over thirty years. THe Christmas of 2011 I found an article in a Canadian magazine on a sociopath and it describe some of the behaviour I had to live with and deal with on an on going basis. At the end of the article was the internet site for Lovefraud. com. It was like an epiphany and the websites besides Lovefraud painted a very clear picture of these oddball characters and their antics.
I think it helped save my sanity. The damage had been done to me, my children and to our lives. I felt that I had been dealing with someone with severe mental illness. I bought books on how to deal with a narcissist. Eventually a comment I read and I can’t remember where it was from said that these sociopaths, as you build up a life they will tear it down and that has happened to me several times. Anything I ever wanted was pushed by the wayside of life. I decided I would protect my children and would treat my husband with kindness but he wasn’t going to try any of his games again. Also the worst side effect is the on going abuse. I realized if I tried to be intimate with him the abuse would continue. Fortunately, I had stopped any intimate relationship with him after my first long holiday as it seemed to me it was all about him. There was no us every decision and plan had to revolve around him. I did explain it to my children. I told my son that the only real person he ever loved was himself. My son relayed this to his Father who was upset by the reality of how I felt. The older he gets it is true he can’t relate to other people or their feelings and used me to have a normal family life one he could never have created along. The best or funniest part of this is he told my daughter he would do it all over in a heart beat! I thought what did he ever have to lose? He got his way by being a bully and ignoring me or what I wanted.

The amazing part is that every Doctor I ever talked to couldn’t explain what I was going through. I had to explain it to my Doctor and to my psychologist and gave her the website information. I have a quest to inform as many people who will listen. It was in my family and caused my own Mother’s mental health breakdown. i saw it in my Aunt’s marriages and other family members. I have thought often about leaving my husband but I fought long and hard to keep some semblance of family together and a home. I talk at length with my daughter about it and tell her to seek therapy to help her own relationship issues. Woman have to tell there friend’s and keep talking who have lived through this we are the hope of future generations to put a spot light on it. Thank you Donna, keep exposing the abuse and shine a light on the reality of sociopathy.

Welcome, panthonyt,

Thank you for sharing your story…a semblence of a “normal family” is still living in a “war zone.” I am assuming your kids are grown now, and they also may not “get it” about what their father is. I AM glad that you have gotten it and that you have had some support through this all.

I think your one therapist that said you will eventually leave him is right. Living with one is, IMHO worse than hell.

Again, welcome. There’s lots of good information and support here.

welcome panthonyt. I agree with Ox Drover about that one doctor who told you that you’d eventually leave him. The first therapist I saw after I married the monster told me to leave him and never have children with him. I suffered and paid dearly for not following her wise advice. Of course I am thankful for my children and love them dearly, but it’s never a good idea to have children with a spath because the monster will treat his children with the same blatant disregard with which he treats you. I wish more women knew this before it was too late.

Thank you Donna for this site and for trying to get the word out.


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