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Lovefraud webinar preview – The Five Step Exit: Tools you need to leave a psychopath, narcissist or other toxic partner

Are you starting to think that you should get out of your relationship — but you have no idea how to begin extricating yourself? If so, this course, presented by Dr. Amber Ault, takes you, step-by-step, through the process of gathering support for your escape to making your move — and dealing with the chaos that may follow.

About this course

You’re not happy with your intimate relationship — you’re feeling misunderstood, exploited, manipulated and devalued. But it’s complicated — finances, kids, social pressures, not to mention your own confusion. How do you sort out what to do?

Lovefraud webinar preview — Sociopathic Seduction: How you got hooked and why you stayed

Have you looked at your involvement with a manipulative, abusive partner and asked yourself, “How did this happen?” That’s exactly the question that I answer in my webinar, Sociopathic Seduction: How you got hooked and why you stayed.

If you haven’t checked out our online webinars, I’m going to make it easy by featuring one program every week in the Lovefraud Blog.

About this course

Something is very wrong with your romance. In the beginning, your partner was charming, loving, attentive and promised that the two of you would live happily ever after. Now, he or she ignores you, exploits you, rages at you, or perhaps even assaults you.

Childhood experiences – including abuse – can alter your DNA

sad child

Scientists once thought our genetic blueprint was carved in stone — whatever we inherited from our parents was with us for life.

Research over the last few years, however, indicates that this is not the case. Genes can be modified by experience through processes referred to as “epigenetic.” This is especially true during childhood.

Recent research shows that childhood events, such as the family’s socioeconomic status or the absence of a parent, can alter genes responsible for regulating inflammation.

Experiences in childhood can alter your DNA for the rest of your life, on ScienceAlert.com.

Yes it looks silly, but scientific research shows EFT Tapping relieves anxiety, depression and PTSD

After the sociopath, how to feel better quickly — that was the subject line of an email that I recently sent out about Lovefraud’s new webinar on Emotional Freedom Techniques, or “Tapping.”

“This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen,” responded one of our readers.

I agree — tapping does look ridiculous. My email included the above video of the instructor, Stacey Vornbrock, and me tapping on our faces with our fingertips. But guess what — EFT Tapping works, as numerous scientific studies have found.

How to spot an abusive relationship before it gets bad

Are there warning signs that a romantic relationship will turn abusive? Emphatically YES!! Lovefraud has been saying this for years, and Dr. Dina McMillan, a social psychologist, agrees.

A Lovefraud reader sent me the above video of a TEDx Canberra presentation by Dr. McMillan. She says that about one in three teenage girls and women endure physical or sexual abuse from a romantic partner at least once in their lives. That adds up to 1.16 billion people. And it doesn’t count those who suffer emotional and psychological abuse, but no physical abuse.

How many stars will you give our Lovefraud webinars?

I am so proud of all our Lovefraud webinars. All of the instructors have done a great job. We offer a wide range of information and advice to help you understand, cope with and recover from your experience with a sociopath. And our webinars for mental health professionals offer continuing education credits.

If you’ve ever taken any of our courses, they are still available to you. To watch them again, just log in!

A few months ago, we switched the delivery platform for the courses. In the process, we lost all of our customer ratings. So if you participated in any of our webinars previously, I’d love your feedback. You can rate the courses from one to five stars, and you can also leave a comment.

How to clear the emotional pain of your experience with a sociopath

I am so excited. Now, Lovefraud offers you a way to relieve all the painful emotions that result from tangling with a sociopath — betrayal, despair, anger, guilt, shame, grief, disappointment, depression, even PTSD.

Yes, I said even PTSD. In fact, this technique is being used to help combat veterans suffering from PTSD. It can help you.

For years, I have been recommending that Lovefraud readers check out EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Techniques). Now, Lovefraud offers you a webinar on tapping that is specifically designed to teach you how to recover from a sociopath.

Back to school – learn to help students (and yourself) avoid sociopaths

Lovefraud Continuing Education
Love Fraud, Abusive Dating and Sociopaths – Vital Information for Education Professionals

Love fraud is really scary stuff. But here’s the good news: Love fraud is totally avoidable, IF you know what to look for. So I love teaching people how to spot and avoid love fraud. I know that just a little bit of education can make a tremendous difference in someone’s life.

Especially for young people.

What you need to know to get a restraining order against a sociopath

Lovefraud Continuing Education webinar
Obtaining Injunctions Against a Sociopath
Presented by Megan Lyons, Esq.
Tuesday, Aug. 1, 8-9 p.m. ET • $25
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Sometimes sociopaths will not leave you alone. The involvement is over and you want to move on, but the sociopath is stalking you. Or, you can’t totally escape the person — perhaps you have children together — and the sociopath uses every communication and exchange as an opportunity to harass you.

Is a tumultuous relationship love or exploitation?

Lovefraud Continuing Education Webinars:

Love and Exploitation:

Part 1: Recognizing the exploitative relationship and its impact on the intimate partner — available on demand at Lovefraud CE.

Part 2: Overview of therapeutic strategies for partners in relationships with exploiters — Live online webinar on Monday, July 24, 12-2 ET.

When someone is involved in an abusive relationship, the most prominent warning sign is likely to be confusion, explains Mary Ann Glynn, LCSW, CHT. People who are involved with abusers can’t figure out what is going on — and sometimes counselors misinterpret their clients’ confusion.

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