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Another upgrade to Lovefraud Blog: Edit your comments

Now, Lovefraud bloggers no longer have to apologize for typos in your posts. You can go back and fix them.

We’ve added an upgrade called “Ajax Edit Comments.” You will see “Click to Edit” and “Request Deletion” buttons at the bottom of  your comments. Each reader sees the options only on his or her posts.

As a general rule, please refrain from putting identifying information in your posts. If someone’s name gets it by accident, you can now go back and take them out.

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It’s great. Is there a way to go back more than four previous posts???

Ox Drover

Donna, thanks for all the serious work you do for LF bloggers, this is a serious up grade and will make this much more user friendly!

Thank you, Donna!


I love delete button’s.


I have found a use for the delete button……


The changes are great. The only challenge I’ve found with this blog is that on two occassions I’ve responded quite late directly to the principal author of a given thread (once to Steve and once to Donna) and been overlooked.

(On the other hand, if I’ve inadvertently been off-putting and consequently been avoided, I appologize for the lack of finesse on my part. I am not very articulate under “normal” stressful conditions, and the last few years have been anything but normal.)

In any case, the insights I’ve gleaned from others, most recently from Kathleen’s posts, have been extremely valuable. So I thank you (plural) for those.


These functions are wonderful. Thank you. I have used them many times already. And I know this is pretty demanding, but if you ever want to add the ability to quote another member’s post and reply to it, that would be even more awesome. I know, give me and inch and I take a mile, huh?


Yes they are brilliant thanks Donna…I’m sure it’s not personal that you’ve been ignored Leah, perhaps just some unhealthy misconceptions, however well meaning some folks may be…there are many sites where all are welcomed and supported so hopefully you have found them and/or I will be happy to give you my personal email addy if you are ever in need of support, as most of us are from time to time, take good care of you, xxoo



Thank you. I was so touched by your post that it actually brought tears to my eyes. I was able to read your most recent posts (the previous three), which were equally warm and quite eloquent.

My post was more an observation on the inherent limitations of the system. I think it was most likely an oversight as I tend to respond when the conversation in a given thread is has tapered off.

By the same token, I know my communication has not been as voluminous, open, and clear as many others largely because I’ve been fairly overwhelmed on both the emotional and practical level. Things should continue to even out in the next few years.

In any case, I really appreciate your post. 🙂


I am so sorry if I offended or upset you in any way Leah…take good care and all the best in your recovery process…these are all brilliant wise kind and generous spirits on this site who have much to share and support to offer, xxoo


Donna, thank you for the editing upgrade.

I try to read here because the information is so vital to what I am going thru the last few years, but I tend to get overwhelmed with my ongoing divorce issues, and get days or weeks behind.

The articles and comments that are posted here would have saved me hundreds of thousands of dollars in atty fees, not to mention 3 years of emotional and mental hell, had I know about this site. I thank you so much for the information here anyway, as a valuable resource, even in hindsight to understand my mistakes in dealing with the exN/P, and today to not make the same errors.

On the LF site, is there a way to search for one’s own comments or the comments of others?
I use Gmail, and in that format you may search your mail like doing a Google search….for instance, in my mail I can search the word “narcissist” and every email that has that word in it comes up. Is there a similar feature on this site of which I am just not aware?


Donna –

The “click to edit” feature is equally as good as it is bad for me! LOL But I sure am glad I have the option to fix typos, add omissions and include additional thoughts. Can you add a “fix run-on sentences and rambling” for me …:)

Really am enjoying the new and improved and ever growing and changing LF site – while continuing to remain a constant and comforting place to visit.


i put the name i was logged in as in the search box, but it did not find anything, and i DID make a comment on another thread, is this search facility only restricted to the thread one is currently on, or does it apply to the entire site?

super chic

Hi Anneka, the search box used to work really great, but I have not used it in quite a while because, for me, it does not work very well anymore. I know I have read comments from others saying it doesn’t work for them either.:(

super chic

It used to pull up recent comments from any thread one had recently posted on, or you could look for someone else’s recent posts.


PLEAS PLEASE PLEASE fix the search function!

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