Battered Mothers Custody Conference, May 4-6, Albany New York

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Women who are fighting for custody of their children against an abusive ex will find information and support that the 13th Battered Mothers Custody Conference, May 4-6, in Albany New York.

Donna Andersen, author of Lovefraud.com, will be speaking on the topic of Your Disordered Ex: What you need to know so you can recover and move forward.

She is one of dozens of experts and advocates who will be speaking at the event. Other programs include:

  • Elsa Newman: Know the options and risks before you decide on family court litigation.
  • Evan Stark: Children and the spectrum of coercive control.
  • Chris O’Sullivan: Abuse, parental alienation and custody — empirical study validates what we know.
  • Dara Carlin and Paul Holdort: The Harassment, abuse and life endangerment (HALE) policy — avoiding trauma and revictimization.
  • Nancy Erickson: Custody evaluations — from before the beginning until after the end.

This is a terrific event for women who are facing their ex in family court. Reduced costs are available for women in need.

For those who can’t attend, the main sessions will be live streamed on the group’s Facebook page.

Battered Mothers Custody Conference Facebook

For more information, visit: Battered Mothers Custody Conference.



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Sounds like an excellent conference.

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