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British TV show ‘Psychopath Night’ features Lovefraud’s Joyce Alexander

Last month, Channel 4 in the United Kingdom aired a documentary called, Psychopath Night. Featured in the film, along with luminaries of psychopathy research, was the Lovefraud author, Joyce Alexander.

The film is structured around counting down the top 10 movies featuring psychopathic characters, as selected by experts and an FBI profiler. These movies serve as the jumping off points for explaining different aspects of the personality disorder.

Overall, I think Psychopath Night does a fine job of explaining psychopathy. And we all get to see Joyce. She appears about three-quarters of the way through the show.

Here’s Joyce’s story the background of why she’s in the movie.

Joyce Alexander believes her son, William ‘Patrick’ Alexander, already convicted of cold-blooded murder, will kill her too, on

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Wow. That was really well done. Several well known psychologists/psychiatrists, FBI profilers, and Joyce Alexander a survivor with real life experience and professional training were included. There were some differing ideologies that were presented infusing a bit of controversy. I like the fact that the film took the time to give more than a shallow Hollywood glance even though the top 10 movie psychopaths were the vehicle to open the dialogue. I think it was well balanced in presenting some heavy truths and realities to those unlike us more seasoned in the day to day encounters. Too much heavy reality as many here have learned just freaks most people out and so most newbies need to be gradually introduced to the concepts. In that context I think this film can be very useful. Thanks Donna for bringing that to us.


It was really emotional for me to see Oxy (Joyce Alexander) speak and to actually see her home that she used to describe to us – this person I blogged with here for many years. My heart just breaks for her that she has to live her life in fear of her own son. I just wish I could reach out and give her a hug. But I’m glad her story has enough notoriety to be in the public eye. I thought it was a very good documentary and portrayed sociopathy very well. No big surprise that banking was the #1 industry for sociopaths. I thought it might have been politics, though.

Ox Drover

I was very surprised to find that the film was on utube…I had to have a DVD copy downloaded off British TV by a friend in London as people outside of great Britain couldn’t access it over the internet, but I guess everything winds up on UTube sooner or later.

I was a bit disappointed but not surprised that they didn’t say anything about the pedophile psychopath that Patrick sent to kill me so if I had not known my own back story of WHY I am terrified of Patrick my story wouldn’t have made a great deal of sense. That’s my 15 seconds of fame though.

Thanks, Star, I appreciate your empathy and concern. And the concern of everyone else that has e mailed me and commented on LF.

Psychopaths are NOT well understood at all and if this can make people see that not all psychopaths are serial killers.

Did anyone else notice they used Dr. James Fallon PhD as a consultant but did not mention that HE **IS** A PSYCHOPATH which he discovered about himself doing research on brain scans of Psychopaths when he used himself and his family as “test” subjects for “normal” only to find out that HIS BRAIN SCAN SHOWED THE SAME PATTERNS OF DIFFERENCES THAT SERIAL KILLERS DO…he calls himself “psychopath lite” though he admits that he is unfeeling and hateful and rude to others. His book
“The Psychopath inside” is quite interesting but he does NOT get it about human emotions like empathy, love, caring, etc, but he admits he has learned to “fake it.”


Wow, I had NOT made the connection about James Fallon. I will have to watch it again.


Ox ,

You are preaching to the converted here , I have had a very narrow escape from a female psychopath . They are deadly dangerous , you look after yourself


Ox Drover

I realize there are “levels” of psychopathy up to and including Hitler, Stalin, Chairman Mao, etc, to name just a few and Fallon calls himself “psychopath LITE” because he has not killed anyone, but does mention how he has hurt others, but even admits he really DOES NOT CARE..he just FAKES “better manners” now that he knows that if he doesn’t his family will turn their backs on him, but diminishes the damage he has done to his family and friends.


Haven’t been here in a while, but so glad I came! I watched the entire film. I want to share with a select few who try to but simply don’t understand what I am saying when I explain my ex and what caused me to abandon my old life and why I can’t allow my daughter to have contact with him or his family. It was so good to see Ox Drover live! Wow! I had a very emotional reaction to seeing you, Joyce! Thank you Donna for posting this, for educating us on sociopathy, and for giving me a place where my experiences and subsequent actions have been understood. This site helped me make the tough changes I needed to to protect myself and my child.


When they flashed that picture of Charles Manson while Joyce is talking, I had to steady myself inside. THAT IS HOW MY BABYDADDY SPATH LOOKS WHEN DERANGED. I had never thot of it b4. Those crazy eyes and even the whole rest of the face!
I had just the other day sed to my friend that if I died with any money or if the kids were getting any money (he may be getting SSI soon and they wud get it as his children) that it was to spent on KEEPING BABYDADDY AWAY FROM THE KIDS…not on their physical needs.
Ppl, when I say anything like that, do not know wat to think. Or say. She just laffed nervously.
No, hon, I am dead serious. what good is a bed or clothes when the kid disappears? or is influenced by an inhuman being like he is?

the sisterhood

Wow, Oxy, I am so glad your voice got to be heard in this way. Missed seeing your posts on here and hope your doing well. You may not realized how much you have helped me, but I deeply appreciate all your kind words and support in the past.

Thanks for posting this , Donna!


Many thanks for your posting. Donna. Wonderful to see Oxy and her surroundings.What a curageous woman! I agree with her comment above as well as wondering how her saga ties in with movie psychpaths. Oh well, happy to see her at any rate and to see her plight publicized. Hope she saves this movie for the parole court in the future. It obviousely has the convinced affirmation of the world’s leading psychology experts. May God and society protect her!


Great to see Oxy in this film. I haven’t been reading often here so I did not know that Oxy was taking a break. I do hope she is well and I will send good thoughts and prayers her way.

I thought the movie was well done though I thought that some of the examples were too subtle and I didn’t totally get the example and how it portrayed something psycho/socio-pathic. For example, the movie scene where the psychologist ask the woman what she would do if her son showed her his butterfly collection and “killing jar.” She replied, “I would take him to the doctor.” I honestly, I didn’t think this example illustrated anything alarming.

Anyway, thanks for posting this. :O)


It is nice to see Joyce, though the anxiety and loss she must feel day to day is heartbreaking. I send her support and wishes for peace in this new year. All in all I think this is well done and provides a solid starting point in the education of psycho-/sociopaths. I found that the British doctor describing a sociopath in the workplace, ie: bullying, lack of responsibility/constant blame it scapegoating, on/off personality, magnanimous charms and an emergent pattern of actions which ALL benefit said sociopath (and none that do not) was the most practical and therefore most important to the average person. It is not easy to gauge the empathic deficits of lovers let alone colleagues, so his description gave very a very useful and easily-observed set of subtle characteristics which in sum create the portrait of a potentially extremely dangerous person in one’s community, from the self-confessed sociopathic Los Angeles lawyer to murderer. Psychopaths and sociopaths will always destroy peace at the very least, so it is well-worth practicing identifying them as early as possible. Sociopaths, once they are seen for what they are, are exceedingly predictable: they take only for themselves, and take out the smallest frustration to getting what they want, on others. It is worth learning to be invisible to them once identified. The other thing I really think was practical and important in this documentary was the repeated emphasis on their prevalence in the population. Knowledge is power. Thanks for sharing, I’ve reshared it already.


WOW about Dr. JamesFallon. Here is an article interviewing him…now his three-legged stool theory makes a bit more sense. Wonder why they didn’t reveal this fact in the film. Thanks again, Ox-Drover:

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