British TV show ‘Psychopath Night’ features Lovefraud’s Joyce Alexander

Last month, Channel 4 in the United Kingdom aired a documentary called, Psychopath Night. Featured in the film, along with luminaries of psychopathy research, was the Lovefraud author, Joyce Alexander.

The film is structured around counting down the top 10 movies featuring psychopathic characters, as selected by experts and an FBI profiler. These movies serve as the jumping off points for explaining different aspects of the personality disorder.

Overall, I think Psychopath Night does a fine job of explaining psychopathy. And we all get to see Joyce. She appears about three-quarters of the way through the show.

Here’s Joyce’s story the background of why she’s in the movie.

Joyce Alexander believes her son, William ‘Patrick’ Alexander, already convicted of cold-blooded murder, will kill her too, on

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It is nice to see Joyce, though the anxiety and loss she must feel day to day is heartbreaking. I send her support and wishes for peace in this new year. All in all I think this is well done and provides a solid starting point in the education of psycho-/sociopaths. I found that the British doctor describing a sociopath in the workplace, ie: bullying, lack of responsibility/constant blame it scapegoating, on/off personality, magnanimous charms and an emergent pattern of actions which ALL benefit said sociopath (and none that do not) was the most practical and therefore most important to the average person. It is not easy to gauge the empathic deficits of lovers let alone colleagues, so his description gave very a very useful and easily-observed set of subtle characteristics which in sum create the portrait of a potentially extremely dangerous person in one’s community, from the self-confessed sociopathic Los Angeles lawyer to murderer. Psychopaths and sociopaths will always destroy peace at the very least, so it is well-worth practicing identifying them as early as possible. Sociopaths, once they are seen for what they are, are exceedingly predictable: they take only for themselves, and take out the smallest frustration to getting what they want, on others. It is worth learning to be invisible to them once identified. The other thing I really think was practical and important in this documentary was the repeated emphasis on their prevalence in the population. Knowledge is power. Thanks for sharing, I’ve reshared it already.

WOW about Dr. JamesFallon. Here is an article interviewing him…now his three-legged stool theory makes a bit more sense. Wonder why they didn’t reveal this fact in the film. Thanks again, Ox-Drover:

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