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Divorce Corp director plans conference on family courts

It’s been an interesting week since I wrote about the new Divorce Corp documentary. Several women have contacted me to criticize my “endorsement” of the movie.

Here’s my previous article about Divorce Corp. I wouldn’t exactly call it an endorsement:

‘Divorce Corp’ documentary exposes corrupt and collusive divorce industry even before the sociopaths show up, on

This is Lovefraud’s position on the documentary:

Divorce Corp’s overwhelming message is that America’s family courts are a racket, and many court professionals are getting rich while litigants are getting their lives ruined. I agree with the overwhelming message of the film. I do not agree with some of the statements made in the film. But if the documentary starts a national debate about reforming family courts, this is worthwhile, even if people disagree with the film’s conclusions.

In several interviews, including the one above, Joe Sorge, the director of Divorce Corp, has announced that he plans to sponsor a conference on reforming America’s family courts in the spring.

I hope that he does. It could be an opportunity for people who want to see justice in family courts to come together and develop a plan to move forward.

False abuse charges

But back to the movie. There are two basic complaints about it. The first is about the documentary’s treatment of “false abuse charges.”

The narrator says, “Because there are so many incentives to lie in court, people often make up false abuse charges.”

The video shows a woman standing in court, gesturing like she is being choked, and then pointing at her husband. The narrator says, “Because false accusations are so common during a divorce, these cases are typically not turned over to criminal court.”

The implication is that women lie about domestic violence.

An unconscionable number of women are subjected to domestic violence in their marriages. It does often happen that they truthfully tell the judge that they were assaulted, and they are not believed.

But it is also true that some women lie about being abused. Lovefraud has heard from many men who say they’ve been falsely accused of domestic violence, and as a result have lost access to their children, been forced to spend thousands of dollars on legal fees, or have been thrown in jail.

Some men also lie about domestic violence. Here’s an example taken from a court document:

On more than a dozen occasions Plaintiff would become hysterically violent, strike and assault the person of the Defendant, throw objects, destroy objects of Defendant’s and cause general mayhem to Defendant’s personal property as well as his person.

That’s what my ex-husband (Defendant) said about me (Plaintiff) after I filed for divorce. I assure you, it is not true. I’ve never hit anyone in my life I’m not sure I know how and I’ve never thrown or destroyed objects. Yet my ex-husband’s lawyer filed this complete fabrication with the court.

The bottom line is that there are many, many cases in which Divorce Corp’s statements about false abuse charges are true. But the documentary was overly sweeping and general in making this point. They could have added a few words to the script acknowledging that many accusations of domestic violence are, in fact, true. It’s unfortunate that they did not make this point clearly.

Shared parenting

The film advocates that American family courts should be reformed to follow the Scandinavian model. In Sweden and Iceland, when people want to divorce, they send a form to the government. They wait six months. If they do not reconcile, they are divorced.

What happens to assets? The parties keep whatever separate assets they brought into the marriage. Anything accumulated during the marriage is divided 50/50.

What happens to children? The default solution is shared parenting, with both parents getting equal access to the children.

This solution would probably make a lot of sense for many, if not most, couples divorcing in America. But it does not make sense in cases of domestic violence, child abuse or neglect, or when one party exploited the other.

Unfortunately, the Divorce Corp documentary does not mention that there are times when the Scandinavian approach is not appropriate. Joe Sorge, the director, does mention exceptions in the above interview on Speak Up he says he advocates shared parenting except in cases of abuse or neglect. I wish he had put this statement into the film.

(Warning: In the very beginning of the Speak Up interview, the host, Kevin Avard, refers to “parental alienation,” but there is no explanation of what he means. Richard Gardner, now deceased, developed a theory of “parental alienation” that has been proven to be bogus.)

Another view

Rebecca Potter, a Lovefraud reader, watched Joe Sorge’s interview on Speak Up, and wrote the following in response:

The documentary has arrived in select theaters around the county. The website: will assist you to find locations where the film is being shown. It is also possible to receive the film and arrange a private showing in your area.

I have not been able to see the documentary. I was able to view the You Tube interview with producer Joseph Sorge. After listening to the interview, I desperately want to see the film. I felt as if Mr. Sorge was speaking from my heart about all the pain I have suffered in this dysfunctional and biased Family Court.

Mr. Sorge spoke about a broken system that is not a court of law, but a court of equity. A court where there is only one person (a judge or magistrate) who can arbitrarily take your children, your property, your savings and put you in jail without being held accountable or with no factual evidence.

Mr. Sorge reminds the audience that the court of equity does not guarantee American citizens their 5th and 6th Constitutional rights. This court system is a 50 billion dollar industry using families in trauma with children as pawns to obtain wealth where incestuous relationships exist between the judges and the attorneys.

Mr. Sorge mentions that the only winners in this court of equity are the litigants with enough money to buy justice and the court officials. When the money is gone, there is no justice. He explains that there is no oversight of this system and if the judge has a friendlier relationship with your spouse’s attorney, impartiality is lost. Hearsay and opinions are taken for evidence.

When children are involved, the state will receive Federal monies if one parent receives more custody than the other parent. The Federal government will reimburse the State for the revenue assigned to the parent who has lost time with the child. He explains that the revenue from the Federal Government is even greater if the parent does not pay child support. (This may be the reason child support payments are set very high for some parents.) This may also explain why it seems that some courts systems provide no consequence for nonpayment of child support.

Mr. Sorge also mentions that he is a scientist. I also am a scientist and I am appalled that these barbaric actions are allowed in a system that is supposed to represent justice. I highly recommend this film. It will enlighten and outrage you.

I have personally spoken to staff at the Department of Justice. The staff admits to having complaints “a mile high” about family court abuses. I hope this film will encourage citizens to demand professional oversight and judicial reform of the family court.


Over the next week, Divorce Corp will be in theaters in the following cities:

  • Zephyrhills, Florida
  • Melbourne, Florida
  • Bethel, Connecticut
  • Boston, Massachusetts
  • Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Jackson Hole, Wyoming

For more information, visit the Divorce Corp website.


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Personally, I agree with Mr. Serge’s agenda but I do not hold out much hope. Our whole legal system, from patrolmen and women up to judges foster the traits of psychosis and it is, unfortunately, proliferating throughout our current society. Everything has become mercenary as opposed to moral; even the Supreme Court is now viewed as highly politically motivated as opposed to seeking justice.


Brilliant! Though I agree with flicka’scomment regarding infrastructure fostering psychosis, I believe that change is inevitable, though likely very slow. I’m excited to see this documentary!


Custody matters dont belong in the hands of lawyers. Most of those to whom we are subjected dont have a clue either about Parental Alienation. The adversarial system does not work for custody.


As long as citizens remain silent about the abuses perpetuated by lawyers and judges, we will continue to be robbed of our money, and in the most heartbreaking instances our children.

I am still fighting for justice in my situation (I have filed a request for the Institute for Justice to get involved)whereby local (Lenawee County Michigan) corrupt Judge Margaret Noe and her corrupt crony Lawyer Priscilla Ruesink Jackson evicted me from my farm (the husband/PRJ cousin, had abandoned it and me 2 years earlier) and gave this $500,000 property and all of my ponies, farm equipment, and family antiques to my former step-daughter Dori Ruesink Durbin(her client for 10 years before she became a judge). The same judges and lawyers were involved in my other step-daughter Paulette Ruesink Willis divorce, and they were all involved in the Parental Alienation of her child from her father, culminating with him being forced to sign over Parental Rights.


I wish I could be positive, but I see the current court system as so messed up that personally I think it needs a HUGE overhaul.

This probably will NOT happen because the core of our judicial system in most communities is run by psychopathic individuals. As with many other areas of our culture, they have migrated over to this part of the human condition and now change is almost impossible.

When I divorced my psychopathic husband my presiding judge asked everyone coming before him for drug charges, etc. if “they had ever been diagnosed with a mental health issue”. The ONLY person he didn’t ask was ME and my soon to be ex. (No fault State)

This judge happens to be married to a woman that is a psychology professor at the local university. I thought this admirable that he asked this question. Not sure what he would have done if anyone had said “yes.”

He is the exception not the rule to judicial prudence.

I am very doubtful that too many power structures in our world will change. The courts, the legislature, attorneys, doctors, and the psychotherapists we have turned to for help are brimming over with psychopaths!

We have not been paying attention.

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