Donna Andersen appears on Australian TV — watch online now

Donna Andersen, author of, will appear on Insight, a show on the Australian SBS television network, on Tuesday, March 27, at 8:30 p.m. Sydney time. (In the U.S., that’s 5:30 a.m. Eastern time on Tuesday, March 27.)

The episode is called, His Other Life — What happens when you discover your partner has a secret life? The host, Jenny Brockie, asks five different women about their experiences.

  • Rochelle Rees discovered that her partner was secretly spying on her for the New Zealand police.
  • Rachel Carling-Jenkins discovered that her husband was involved with child pornography.
  • Nijole Lucinskaite discovered that her husband was pursuing Internet sex with underage girls.
  • Donna Andersen discovered that her husband was a con artist who took $227,000 from her. Donna appeared via a video feed from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
  • Sunenna Sharma discovered that her husband had a gambling addiction.

The complete show is available online now. Click here to watch the program:

Insight: His Other Life





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Donna this is amazing!! 🌺No doubt you, will educate so many, by being on this show. Those that watch it, who are confused about their relationship, will no doubt be educated & hopefully find their way to your wonderful site & learn more about the horrible situation they are in & how to get out. What a blessing for so many to have you & these other victims talking about what happened to them. POWERFUL!!💜👏💪

Congratulations, Donna. Lovefraud is a world-wide source of reliable education for innocent victims of predators – and education is our greatest weapon!

Hi Donna & Everyone, just wanted you to know that this show is now up on their website SBS Insight. Also, on their Facebook page they have portions of your interview & there are several comments from women who clearly have been abused by a sociopath that you might want to read.

Go to SBS Insight click on “How I missed the red flags about my husband secret life” (Picture of Donna with her ex) to watch this show. (I’m going to watch it tonight).

Donna, you & the other panel members (victims) did a wonderful job on this show & all of you showed incredible strength to publicly share your stories of betrayal. 💪👏 I had no idea that your ex sociopath manipulated you to marry in Australia. He made a huge mistake messing with you…so glad that you continue to expose him to not only those in Australia, but to the world!!

I realize this show is more of a “Start a conversation” formate vs guiding someone to help (resources) I’m so glad that you were able to be part of the panel & thankful that the producers did not cut out the end portion where you were able to state your wonderful website, which will no doubt help those who are dealing with a nightmare sociopath right now or have in the past.

Take care. 🌺

For those that have found their way to Donna Anderson’s wonderful site Lovefraud, I would highly recommend that you read Donna’s book “Lovefraud 10 signs you are dating a sociopath”. This book & this site are lifesavers if you are confused about your partners behavior.

Click on the red tab “Store” up at the top of Lovefraud to find her book.

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