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Donna Andersen on Radio Amerika tonight

Tonight I’ll be a guest on Radio Amerika Now, hosted by Barb Adams. The show airs from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m., Central Time. I’m on for the first two hours, talking about:

  • Sociopaths as human predators
  • Spiritual lessons from a run-in with a sociopath

The show is available over the Internet. If you have questions, you can call in on the show’s toll-free line. If you miss the show, you’ll be able to listen to a podcast later.

For more information, see Radio Amerika Now.

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TWO HOURS; That’s great Donna! Seems I can get a stream from radio amerika, so I hope to listen. Good luck!


Donna…I’m laughing, it’s so great you are everywhere…..but laughing aside…this is deadly serious and it has to go out in that mode…these people wreck lives and it’s not in the remotest sense funny…it’s appalling. I’m hoping you can get that across…just how devastating it is to find out everything you based your life on is a lie..visualising powerful white light to be with you in getting the message out…”mess” being the operative part of the word…good luck..blessings…protection and love xx

Ox Drover

Dear Donna!

Let’s see now, a new book, a TV docu/drama, a radio show! Gosh we need to form a FAN CLUB!!!!!

Seriously, I agree with bulletproof, the word needs to get out and that is the thing that you are accomplishing with great gusto! I am so proud of you and proud for you! This “overnight success” took you a lot of years and tears to finally arrive at! So again, congratulations and TOWANDA for our side!!!!!

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