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Encore interviews with 21 relationship experts

Couple making heartDr. Monique Belton organized a series of interviews called “Heartache to Bliss.” She spoke with 21 relationship experts about overcoming romantic disappointments and betrayals and moving forward to find true love. In my interview, I explained the Red Flags of Love Fraud.

The entire series of 21 interviews, plus two bonus interviews, is available online for the next three days. To take advantage of this terrific information, click the link below:

Heartache to Bliss Telesummit

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I listened to Donna’s interview – it is excellent! Thank you for posting this information – I’m sure many people will learn a lot from it.

Keep up the great work!


I listened in everyday. It was amazing. My favorites were Donna Anderson on Red Flags of Love Fraud and Melanie Tonia Evans on recovering from relationships with Narcissists. I feel endless gratitude for the opportunity to hear these interviews with experts. All the interview participants were easy to follow and such great information. I took lots of notes. Oh – and they all gave out free gifts like e-books and workbooks and free webinars.

Thank you !!

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