Happy Holidays to all!

To all Lovefraud readers – Merry Christmas, Season’s Greetings, Happy Holidays! We hope your holiday season is peaceful, and the New Year brings change for the better!

Donna and Terry

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Oh My ~!

Henry, sweetie! When are you going to get your internet back? You know you can’t stay away from us! ((((hugs)))) and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! When is your eye surgery for? Miss you!

Oh MY! Hens….your missed darlen.
XXOO to you my moon man.

Bulletproof! hv not seen you around for a long time! Hope all is well and Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year. Much love and thanks to all that helped, make me smile, gave me strength and helped make sense of the madness for me in 2010/2009 & 2008. Thank you Oxy, you are a Gem and thanks to ErinB for making us laugh. Thanks to all that stick around and all the valuable knowledge and advise you all give and most of all thank you Donna for giving us LF xoxoxox

Hello Oxy and Erin B ..eye surgery is in 3 weeks…cant wait to see better…will be gettin back on internet soon I hope. saving my pennies for a new pooter…I am doing ok – kinda having the after xmas blues..some wishful thinking as usual, I still look for him out the window when the dog’s bark…guess it’s a good thing I am not on here much anymore as I still give him too much space in my head even after so long..boinks dont stop the thinking about him..but all in all i am a much better person than 2 years friends say they have never seen me so confident or my self esteem so good…I am looking forward to spring – new vision and look out cause here I am..

Dear Henry,

Just got back from a 4 hour trip to town to shop and change insurance before the cut off date! WOW! I’m tired! Ran into a bunch of folks I hadn’t seen in years but got the groceries all put away!

Sure good to hear from you, you know you can’t stay away for tooooo long! We miss you! Hope all goes well with your surgery, PALEEEEEEZEEEE let us know how it goes! You and in my thoughts and prayers!!! (((Hugs)))) Love Oxy

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