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Improvements to Lovefraud Blog

Today you will see—if you aren’t seeing already—technical improvements to the Lovefraud Blog. These were made to improve speed and stability.

First of all, the blog has been moved to a new server. We hope that this will stop the instances of the blog going down.

Secondly, we’ve added a pagination feature. As many of you have experienced, threads with hundreds of comments loaded really slowly, if at all. Now, comments are divided into pages of 50 comments each. The page holding the newest comments will display first, but you can always read prior comments by clicking on the page numbers at the top and bottom of the comments panel.

We hope that this will improve your experience on Lovefraud.

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Ox Drover

Thank you Donna! As this has been a problem for me and I know others in the past (I have an air-card link which is slightly better than a tuna can and a string hook up!) so this should help me a great deal!

You simply amaze me with how much effort and expertise you put into this blog!

THANK YOU!!!!! I can’t say that enough!!!!


I noticed the change this morning, this is a good thing. Thanks Donna…

super chic

Thank you very much!! This is wonderful!!!

Ox Drover

I just gotta say WOW!!!! THIS IS WONDERFUL!!!!! YEA!!!!!! TOWANDA!!!! great!!!!! SUPER-DOOPER!!!! Instant up load!


Donna – this is sooooooooo much better. Thank you.


this will be so much easier for folks on dial up and with slow dsl speeds. and MY Fave: the search function is working again!!!!! YAYYYY!!! Thanks Donna!


Thanks for the changes – they are a big improvement!

I have a question about the RSS feed comments page: is it possible to increase the displayed comments from 10 to something more appropriate for the traffic on this site: say 30 or more (perhaps even as high as 50)?

This is a very busy site with very frequent comments. I suspect there are several infrequent visitors like myself who don’t want to subscribe to RSS feed (due to security concerns), but use the RSS comments page to get caught up. Due to the success of your site 10 comments can sometimes be the traffic for the last 10 minutes!

Thanks for all you do, and keep up the good work!


Yay!!!! Much better. Thank you!!!!


Runs much more quickly now. Much improved. Yay!


You’re great, thanks


Is it just me or does the blog page move up and down, kinda like a blinking thing going on? anybody else noticed this?

kim frederick

Yep, Hens. I noticed it yesterday. It’s been making me crazy ever since, but am glad to know it’s not just me.


Donna, It’s not doing it today, either way the blog is much improved – thank you.


Oh My I take that back – it started blinking as soon as I posted – blink blink…

Hope to heal

Hens ~ is it only this website that blinks for you? I have not noticed that problem. Maybe it has something to do with your internet connection? Just a thought.


Hope – Just this one, seems to stop for awhile then start up again when I post. Maybe it’s a sign. I am not complaining just twitchin a bit…

Hope to heal

Hmm, that’s a bit odd. I’m not tech savvy enough to figure that one out. I hope it doesn’t become too annoying for you 🙂


nah, I have suffered worse thing’s…I just think of it as a heart beat or a pulse – It’s alive ~! Oh My~!

Hope to heal

Hens ~ here ya go…

thump-thump, thump-thump <<< a little sound effects to go along with your jumping screen 😀



Ox Drover

To Quote DONNA:

Hens ”“ to quote famous computer programmers, “That’s not a bug, it’s a feature!”


I’m not sure why YOUR computer is doing this Hens but mine is fine and I am having no jumping or other problem. Sometimes I forget that it is only 50 comments per page and have to go back when the last 2 comments are separated by a page break, but it makes the whole thing load quickly and easily and the old way plenty of threads that were long would NEVER LOAD.

Donna, I sincerely appreciate the massive amount of work and time that keeping up this blog represents in your life! THANKS!!!!!

kim frederick

Donna, I seem to be missing keystrokes as a lot of letters are not posting. I am using internet explorer, but the PC or MAC question I can’t answer beause I don’t know. I am techno challeged.
This may not be causd by the new feature, it may be because I have been typping using all my fingers like I learned to do in schol, lately, and haven’t been using the two finger method, so t may be due to increased speedbut less accuraccy. I’m not sure. I just wondered if anyone else had noticed it.

Ox Drover

Donna, I have had NO PROBLEMS with the new server and it works great. I am on a lap top with vista, and use foxfire. Everything loads quickly and easily and occasionally I will get a “duplicate” post or one that won’t post and says it is a “duplcate” but over all MUCH IMPROVED especially with the threads over 200 posts.

lesson learned


I don’t have any issues with this new system either. I love it. I have vista and firefox as well.


Ox Drover

Kim, I type really really fast, but I have noticed that I am missing terminal “g”s on words like findin-G” I will leave off the G, but it is my typing not the program. Since the plane crash my muscle/brain connection isn’t as good as it used to be. I will also type “their” instead of “there” sometimes (brain fart) but I also had some hand surgery that may have caused some nerve problems as well.

I have the SAME problems on any place I type so it isn’t just LF that is the problem. This has been a problem since the plane crash. I also have trouble spelling now (never was great but am horrible now) and so have to use “simple words” where I know a bigger one but can’t think of it. Actually I type better than I talk as far as “word finding” problems are concerned. It is part of the PTSD I think. After the plane crash…I literally could not dial a phone for weeks…couldnt’ remember the numbers I had punched in or not…couldn’t remember the phone number from reading it to writing it down or punching it in. Had to do it ONE NUMBER AT A TIME. Read 1 number, put it into the phone, cross it off of the written down number, then go to the next one. Couldn’t read a sentence even. I used to read very very fast, now I read at a much much slower rate and on complex stuff I still can’t grasp it like i used to could.

It was very frustrating to me for a long time, but is improved over what I was at first (obviously) but still no where near where I was before the crash. I stammer and stutter sometimes too which I never did before. Even simple words sometimes I can “see” the picture of the item in my head but can’t get the word. Same with names and faces….can’t put the two together.

Yesterday I couldn’t think of the word “elevator” when I was talking to my doctor…sheesh, I finally went into pantomime and got the word across. But what can you do but laugh? I try not to let it bother me.

Actually I had my therapist give me an IQ test a while back and it was the same as it has always been, in fact a point more than ever before (one point doesn’t really make any difference) but it was reassuring that I am not “retarded” just having word finding difficulty.

The stress and the PTSD events DO change our brains and how they connect not only chemically but physically. Just like if you break your leg it is never quite the same–it may work okay but not like it did before the break.

They are finding now that all these football players have brain injuries that cause dementia at any early age from constant physical contact….stress also does a number on our bodies and our organ systems and the brain is just one of those organ systems it effects. Plus, age as well…getting older is not for WIMPS as I am finding out. I’m just working hard though on trying to QUIT doing more damage than necessary to my body.

Working on the NUTRITIONAL CHANGES, losing weight, very motivated to take care of ME in physical, emotional and mental ways as well as spiritual ways. Wish I had gotten “smarter” sooner, (DON’T WE ALL??? LOL) but I didn’t so have to start out where I am today and work from there. It is sometimes frustrating. I just sent off some books I purchased a while back to a friend, they were complex books on the medical stuff about brains and the chemical stuff, and frankly I can’t grasp all the concepts I wanted to out of those books, so sent them to someone else.

I was able a while back to say my own phone number BACKWARDS from memory, which until recently I was NOT able to do and this was easy before the plane wreck.

It will be 7 years in July since my husband died and I can’t believe it has been so long. It will be 4 years since the summer of chaos when I had to run coming up here in a month.

I;’ve had a LOT OF STRESS in the 8 years since my step dad was diagnosed with cancer and his care, my egg donor’s surgeries and illnesses, the summer of chaos, and all the other stuff that went on with it all. But, At the same time, in so many ways, I have made progress that I had never made prior to that in my entire life. I have gotten the worst of the “snakes’ whipped down now and am able to work on the TAKING CARE of myself, maybe for the first time in my life.

What has happened to us in the past leaves some scars, of course, but at the same time, we can learn from those things and grow as long as we work at it. More people rust out than wear out I think. I used to laugh that by the time we REALLY learn how to live and be happy we’re done with it. LOL But at the same time, I think coming to the ends of our lives with a healthy state of mind and acceptance is what life is all about anyway.

I’ve started re-reading Elizabeth Kubler-Ross’s book about grieving death in dying patients….and frankly we are all dying as well as living each day. I don’t have to worry about a career any more, or raising children, or making a living, just making my life worthwhile, so it is a different stage for me as I approach 65 this year. None of us know if we have 1 day, a decade, or 5 decades of life life or what it will bring in the way of health or lack of health. Good fortune or bad, but we just have to work on recovery and healing and growth.

Each day I try to find something good to focus on, and end the day with a feeling of satisfaction…of some JOY. Whether it is simple doing of the dishes, a clean kitchen…fixing something, planting some plants in the yard or garden, or looking at the wild flowers out my window…it is God’s gift to me.

Getting to “know” the friends I have here at LF is also a joy for me, and I am glad that I have you as one of those friends, Kim. You are a joy to travel the road of learning with and I am so glad that you are here. I’d hug you for real if I could! (((hugs)))


Thank you Donna – I am feelin like Katherine Hepburn tryin to read the blog..

Ox Drover

Yea, guys, FOXFIRE IS GREAT!!!! MUCH BETTER THAN EXPLORER! Nooooooooo problems with it!


Hens……You look NOTHING like her!!!!

I’ve got PC w/ IE and no problems…..not that I’m on as much as before.
Thanks DOnna!!

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