Improvements to Lovefraud Blog

Today you will see—if you aren’t seeing already—technical improvements to the Lovefraud Blog. These were made to improve speed and stability.

First of all, the blog has been moved to a new server. We hope that this will stop the instances of the blog going down.

Secondly, we’ve added a pagination feature. As many of you have experienced, threads with hundreds of comments loaded really slowly, if at all. Now, comments are divided into pages of 50 comments each. The page holding the newest comments will display first, but you can always read prior comments by clicking on the page numbers at the top and bottom of the comments panel.

We hope that this will improve your experience on Lovefraud.

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Hens……You look NOTHING like her!!!!

I’ve got PC w/ IE and no problems…..not that I’m on as much as before.
Thanks DOnna!!

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