Lovefraud Blog hacked

The Lovefraud Blog was down for a few hours today. The problem turned out to be that we were hacked. Another blog that has nothing to do with Lovefraud was hacked as well, so I don’t think we were specifically targeted. But our webmaster may be recommending security enhancements.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Henry, Just cause you are paranoid doesn’t mean someone isn’t out to get you. You bet your bippie I am paranoid and with good reason.


dances – um, no.


and…you’re kidding me, right?



Well, I DID open the “RESEND” email from Donna and it led me here via a link to this page, so I for one, am not too worrried. x

(Okay, so I DID just spell “worried” with three “r”s, so maybe I SHOULD be worried after all…)

Hi Donna. Sorry but I have deleted the email. It said that ‘someone’ had requested a new password. I knew I hadn’t and no one else has access to my computer so I deleted the message and ran a scan.


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