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Lovefraud Blog hacked

The Lovefraud Blog was down for a few hours today. The problem turned out to be that we were hacked. Another blog that has nothing to do with Lovefraud was hacked as well, so I don’t think we were specifically targeted. But our webmaster may be recommending security enhancements.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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I am so grateful that your website was able to recover and if these additional security protections need additional funding, perhaps you could consider setting up a way for those that are willing and able to donate to the cause, as our way of expressing our appreciation for the time and effort spent to put this information out there, and having a place for healing and support. Aloha, Ness

Sharon C.

Whew! I got scared and thought maybe that was the end of Lovefraud!


Are the psychopaths who are always doing malignities!
I tell people “we will be eaten by the sickos” And they laugh thinking i’m exagerating.


I went into withdrawal and emailed Donna! 🙂
I needed my LF fix. didn’t know what to do….


What did the hackers get?


Panic! What would we do without our LF site – it’s the only thing that keeps me sane – logging in here each day.

Yesterday I got an email saying that someone had requested a new password for LF. I ignored and deleted it. Did anyone else receive an email like this.

lesson learned


ME TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At first I thought I might have pithed somebody off and got booted!!

It was a real learning curve for me. I could freak out and ASSUME (as in how I reacted to spath half the time, as he was so sneaky!) or I could do my little freak out thing (I did) then calm down, breathe and write Donna an email and I did and she responded and let me know what was going on and I felt SO PROUD of myself for staying grounded and so RELIEVED when the blogs came back up!!

I rely so much on this site right now for validation,throwing around ideas, healing and venting!!

Donna, this site means SO MUCH to me and I know so many here who are just so pleased that we have a safe place to share our stories.


lesson learned

Oh, Donna, I didn’t get an email asking for a password. I mentioned that I sent an email to you and got a response back this morning because I was wondering what was going on with the site.

LOL! Love how you typed out your email address there.

I DID receive something a bit odd, and I’ll forward that to you as it says it’s from the love fraud site, but it said RESEND?



Ox Drover


I DID get two e mails from LF this morning but have deleted and purged them off my computer. I just deleted them without opening, as I am on line almost daily so when you send out the update e mails I just delete them without opening and I did that this morning as well. Sorry I didn’t keep them, I was cleaning up my e mail that had accumulated while I was gone and just ditched everything I didn’t need.


I got an email that said (Resend – When to trust your man…) when I opened it, it looked legit to me, should I forward this to you?

lesson learned


That is EXACTLY what I got too……..but I opened them………ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh boy……….

I’ll forward that to you, Donna. Have your web guy check it out.



I also got a warning from microsoft that I needed to update my security settings – I didnt do it tho…Whats to gain from hacking into LF anyway? I am a dinosaur – technology has left me sittin in the dust….

Ox Drover

Dear Henry,

Join the club, technology for dummies! (Hand waving in air wildly) THAT’S [email protected]!!!!


I suspect that there is MALWARE in the Resend email and want to know if the hacker was able to acquire the names and contact information behind the screen names with passwords. I can think of several reasons why that information might be interesting.

It would be a good idea to run scans and change passwords if any of the name database was compromised.

Donna, you should let us know.
And you should send out an email suggesting people delete the resend without opening it and run scans on their machines.


Ok, everything was like you said, but I also, like Henry, got a warning from Panda security that some intruder had been neutralized. It happened right when I was trying to access your site.
Remember the DC sniper? he killed 10 people or whatever just to hide the fact that he was actually trying to kill his wife. Spaths do stuff like that. They are cookie cutter replicas of each other. It’s possible they hacked other sites just to divert attention.
Am I paranoid or just able to see through them? The latter I think. We both know that they are audacious.

lesson learned


I didn’t receive any malware notifications via norton, HOWEVER, my computer DID freeze and would NOT function while trying to send Donna my email……google did not recognize the email address. This happened THREE times.

I don’t want to be overly paranoid. I’m not worried about exPOS because he could give a rats ass what I do or where I go now…….

BUT hackers are definitely a concern with regards to getting personal info that they should NOT have…….

But I am also aware that that is the risk we take to be here. For me, it’s worth it.



Sounds like a worm

Twice Betrayed

I got the resend: didn’t open it.


well I am sure I will get Bood for this but I have been uncomfortable ever since the facebook link thing at top of page..i dont have a facebook account but all the same i think facebook poses a threat to society..IMHO

super chic


one step’s guide for internet security 101.

-never use your own email address online. never.

-set up a webmail account, in a fake name, not linked back to any account in your name.

-change your passwords frequently (remember to write your password changes down, ’cause you WILL forget. ;))

-never open any mail that is unusual. delete it, and empty the trash.

-mawalrebytes in conjunction with spybot (both have free versions), in conjunction with AVG or Antivir will kill most intruders, but you have to run and update them regularly – once a day is a good measure if you are online often.

-if you see any suspicious activity on your computer immediately TURN OFF YOUR INTERNET CONNECTION.

-suspicious activity: computer slows down, or freezes, ‘something’ just doesn’t ‘feel right’ about the computer’s performance, there are porn links on your desktop, you get a number of flashing messages that your computer may be at risk. NEVER click on them. If you keep all of your security applications updated DAILY, then you know that they aren’t out of date. Immediately run your security applications.

-run all of your security applications in sequence. a lot of nasty things will actually target malwarebytes. i run spybot first, and it knocks things out most things that will affect malwarebytes.

-facebook is evil. never put anything there you don’t want stolen. treat it like a spath. i have a facebook account – it’s not in my real name, nor in a name that i use anywhere else. i have maximized my security settings – which you have to check quite frequently as facebook is evil and is ALWAYS changing the game so that they can ‘win’. Set up an email account to setup the fb account – never use it for anything else. do not use your own personal account, nor link the one you do use to your own email account.


no one will ever ask you to reset a password. if you ever have any question, if anyone asks you to give them info, do not respond. Always contact the person/blog/company asking though another route and VERIFY.

I have gotten semi regular phone calls over the last year from people trying to scam my bank accc. info. out of me. Even the real bank gets NO purchase from me. I always hang up and call the 1 800 numbers, and i tell them that if they want to communicate with me, send me a letter, or i will talk with them when i am in the branch.

once spathed, forever protective. I am particularly careful online, ’cause that’s where the lying sack of crap evil *c* of a spath LIVES.


thought I would haul this thread up, for those of us who didn’t see it earlier today, but may have gotten an email.


Thanks for hauling it onejoy.
I didn’t remember i used an email account that i hadly ever use when i logged here and that was the reason Donna didn’t answer me and Skylar was not given any answer either.
About strange emails there was nothing.


steppers? is you a wee bit paranoid?

Ox Drover

Henry, Just cause you are paranoid doesn’t mean someone isn’t out to get you. You bet your bippie I am paranoid and with good reason.


dances – um, no.


and…you’re kidding me, right?




Well, I DID open the “RESEND” email from Donna and it led me here via a link to this page, so I for one, am not too worrried. x


(Okay, so I DID just spell “worried” with three “r”s, so maybe I SHOULD be worried after all…)


Hi Donna. Sorry but I have deleted the email. It said that ‘someone’ had requested a new password. I knew I hadn’t and no one else has access to my computer so I deleted the message and ran a scan.

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