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LOVEFRAUD TO THE NEXT LEVEL: 9 ways to help us gain visibility on the Internet

Lovefraud’s goal is to educate people everywhere about sociopaths. A great way to do this is to simply let people know that Lovefraud exists.

When people find Lovefraud, all of a sudden the craziness they’ve been living with is explained. They study the symptoms. They read the stories. They see the similarities. They finally understand the problem—they’ve involved with a sociopath.

You can help make Lovefraud a bigger presence on the Internet. It’s easy. It’s free. Here’s what you can do:

1. Click the Facebook “recommend” buttons

Facebook is huge. The social networking site has 500 million users. Half of them are considered regular users, which means they go on Facebook every day.

Lovefraud has recently implemented Facebook “recommend” buttons on every page of our website and every blog article. If you’re a member of Facebook, please click it. Recommend any article that you find helpful to your friends.

The best way to do this is to not only click the button, but add a comment. This sends your recommendation to your news feed with a little Lovefraud picture, so it is more likely to be seen. If you just click the button without making a comment, it will post to your wall, but not the news feed.

No need to write a dissertation. Comments can be short and sweet, like, “Good info.”

2. Become a fan of our Facebook page

Another way to participate on Facebook—join our fan page at:

3. Re-Tweet on Twitter

We’ve also added “re-tweet” buttons to articles on the Lovefraud blogs. If you’re on Twitter and would like to share an article with your followers, please click it.

4. Mention Lovefraud in your comments on other websites

Whenever you are reading stories on other websites, such as news sites, that seem to be about sociopaths, post a comment and mention You may need to spell it “Lovefraud dot com” because some websites won’t allow you to post urls.

5. Link your website or blog to Lovefraud

If you have your own website of blog, please link to Lovefraud. The more incoming links we have, the better our ranking in search engines, which means increased visibility.

If you like, you can even download a Lovefraud button just for this purpose:

Link to Lovefraud

6. Mention Lovefraud articles in your own blog

If you have a blog, feel free to mention Lovefraud articles with a short summary. The articles are copyrighted, which means you can’t repost an entire article without permission. But mentions with a link to Lovefraud are fine.

7. Click the Google ads

We do get revenue from the Google ads appearing on this website — and more revenue if you click on the ads. So please, go ahead and click. In fact, if you see a dating ad, click on it, get the url, and then send it to me so that we can block it.

8. Bookmark us to other social networking sites

At the bottom of every blog article is a list of icons for social networking sites, including Technorati, Delicious, Stumble Upon, Newsvine and Yahoo. If you use these sites and like an article, please bookmark it.

9. Tell people about Lovefraud

One of the best ways to educate people about sociopaths is one-on-one. When an opportunity arises in your daily life to tell people about these predators, do it.

Talk about what you know, and then send them to Lovefraud for more information. We have plenty of it.

Please take as many of these steps as often as you can—today, next week, next month, and after that. With your help, our web traffic will increase—which means more people will be learning about sociopaths.

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Oh My. Have never tweeted, never texted anyone, I think texting should be outlawed. Facebook? cant go there. I remember dial telephones and party not A party but party lines, anybody know what this old geezer is talkin about? I am all for telling people about the people I think it may help, but most of the time they look at me kinda odd, but hey I told em. I even have a blog with four members and I recommend LF to anyone who is gay and has been involved with a sociopath.. that’s the best I can do for ya Donna….but (I) will be eternally grateful for you and your website.I can not even begin to tell you how much this place has changed my life for the better.


I’m not a “tweeter” either – but I can and will “Facebook”.

Fleeced Ewe

text,tweet and web it’s all good


I even shared LF with an undercover Sgt that I know and asked him to share it with the others in the enforcement departments. One way to make law enforcement aware…. I went straigh to the horses mouth there! I just started my healing process and when I feel stronger, I plan on carrying the news to many more here locally. I will need to have a flyer to print and share, be able to speak at our community meetings (without crying) about my experience. All in strength and God’s speed! I’m working on it!
Bless us all!


PS. Donna do you have any type of a flyer that you have created for people to share LF for you in the manner of how you want it presented? If not, maybe now is the time to condiser making one. That way you are not misrepresented by anyone. If you do have one, Please email it to me.


My computer is bogging down. Can this info be emailed to me?


ps. as attchments, I have limited computer here


Donna, where is the LF button than can be downloaded? I started a blog a couple weeks ago..I have another site that members frequent there with my posts, I would be willing to add your button if you can tell me how.


Hi Hens –

Just had to let you know I remember party lines, what fun and absolutely no privacy. I even remember the phones BEFORE they had dials. We lived in such a small rural community that all I had to do is pick up the phone and ask “central” for my grandma’s house. Now that is an old geezer!!! Wow, what changes we have experienced in our lifetime.

Donna, I have mentioned to my therapist to make sure she recommends LF to any patients who may benefit from it ( I even bought her a copy of your book for her waiting room library ) Thank you so much for the time and energy you put into this cause.


Ox Drover

Dear Milo and Hens,

Yep, phones with NO DIAL and party lines.

My grandfather (born in 1892) went from living on a subsistence farm that had changed little since the 1700s to seeing men walk on the moon via television! Quite a distance to “travel”—but we old geezers have also seen a great deal in our lives too! Lots of changes!


Hi Donna – any chance the search function is going to be fixed so that it shows recent posts, not old ones?


Good Morning ALL, Hope you had a safe Thanksgiving. I tried several times yesterday to get on LF.
This is my busy season with work, I am still reading and learning from this site and many more—-WHO KNEW!!!!!
It’s kinda of like putting one of those 3D puzzles together with out the box or a picture.
I thought of a commercial for the credit card company
Trip to Vail $2600 Night out at club $300 Sociopath free-Priceless. Or something to that effect. LOL
Yesterday was great and today will be better. Happy shopping all. Thank you for all your words of wisdom and sharing your life.
STay Strong Stay Safe and Stay Sane, Seeing Clearly

Ox Drover

Dear Seeingclearly,

Your analogy of the 3-D puzzle without the picture or the box is exactly right on! When we start this puzzle, we have no idea what the picture is going to turn out to be (just how we will grow when we are put together) but I am finding though I’ve had to start and restart the process from time to time, I’m starting to LIKE the picture of myself that is emerging.

I hope your holiday was happy! Ours was PEACEFUL, and mostly uneventful except for the gut busting laughter from one of the BEST SPONTANEOUS ONE LINERS I EVER HEARD which came out of the mouth of my son D as we were sitting at the table sharing a meal with a wonderful friend (and his not so wonderful wife!) and I will LONG REMEMBER this great one liner! (sorry guys, can’t share it here! It was one of those “YOU HAD TO BE THERE” moments!) It is right up there with his ALL TIME BEST, and that one is, 8 or 9 years later, still causing me great pleasure in remembering it! So this will be one of those “goes down in family lore” holiday meals.

Add to that a jigger full of 24 year old Scotch and my knock-em-dead (really!) low sodium cornbread dressing and it doesn’t get any better than that!

Cold this morning! Frosty cheeks and hurry to get the outside chores done! On days like this it makes me wish I had a wood stove or fire place to back up to! Instead I just warm my frosty fingers on the warm air coming out of my computer’s vent! LOL

Happy holidays for those of you in the US (and those who don’t have to work in retail on Black Friday shopping! I’m snuggled down inside, content, strictly back on the low sodium, low calorie diet (I did cheat a bit yesterday but not terribly bad!) Thankful that there is NOTHING IN THE WORLD I NEED TO GO SHOPPING FOR! Can’t beat that with a stick!


I’m amazed at how many people are still ignorant of sociopaths/psychopaths and the damage they do. This week alone I’ve been in a number of heated online altercations where I was being called all kinds of names by people insisting that psychopaths are not all criminals and that they deserve rights a human beings. Clearly none of these people have ever been on the receiving end of a true S or P or they wouldn’t be saying that. My take has always been that they don’t have to be serial killers to create emotional, psychological and financial damage and they cannot be accorded the same human rights because they are as dangerous to human life as a hungry predator on the rampage.
I’ve been tempted to direct some of these idiots to this site but I thought on about it as I don’t want to pollute the community with trolls who would make life difficult for the rest of us. I’m not going to bother to reply to some of the abusive messages I’ve had from these ‘pro-psychopath’ cranks because nothing I say can ever convince them they are blind. Only a bona fide experience with a sociopathic individual will send them running and screaming here for support and cause them to admit that I had a point. The scary thing is that the socio or P won’t have to maim or kill them to make them do that…but I guess they’ll learn that the hard way xx


Yes, the more people who spread the word about the better. The internet is a minefield for sociopaths. I learnt the hard way.
But then I did mention ‘Lovefrauddotcom’ on my home page of the very same Australian social network in a clever profile I put up. Giving myself the profile of ‘PlayerBuster’ I was a huge hit for many weeks until the site saw me as a threat to their business and shut me down. During that time I heard lots and lots of similar stories from other women on their bad experiences and even caught out one sociopath for another member.
It was a good healing process for me as well as alerting other women to the facts and what to be aware of. I may not have achieved much but I did get a lot of thankyou messages from other members on the site.
The world is not an Oasis.
It can be full of vultures waiting to pounce.

lesson learned

I haven’t read through all of these posts yet, so I don’t know if anyone has brought up the idea of connecting this site as an information vehicle along with dating websites? Valuable information for those who are potential victims with online dating. My ex spath is currently trolling And not one of those poor women has a clue.

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