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LOVEFRAUD TO THE NEXT LEVEL: Education challenge and book giveaway results

Last week, a reader who posts as SeeingClearly, surprised and delighted Terry and me by initiating a fundraising challenge for Lovefraud’s upcoming education program for high school students. She offered to match all contributions, up to $1,000.

Well, in 48 hours, Lovefraud readers pledged $815, and SeeingClearly fulfilled her promise. The money collected so far is set aside, waiting to be used in the program.

Plan for HS program

The high school education program will have two parts. One, of course, is the presentation to students about sociopaths, bullying and dating violence. But before we do that, we will offer professional development training about sociopaths for school guidance counselors and/or teachers. The objective is to prepare them for questions.

Last March, I was invited to give a short presentation to girls at a local high school about Lovefraud and sociopaths. The girls were extremely attentive and asked a lot of questions. Afterwards, I later learned, several girls realized that they may be involved with sociopaths, and approached teachers to talk about it. The professionals need to be ready for the questions.

Help to spread the word

The challenge issued by SeeingClearly had another unexpected benefit—14 Lovefraud readers offered to help with the schools program! Some already have related experience, and others want to do presentations in their areas. I was thrilled to get these offers, and when we’re ready to spread out, we’ll certainly be in touch with everyone.

One letter I received is a stark reminder of how critical this training is.

Teaching HS Students about Sociopaths is the best idea I have ever heard. I, too, as a young person, thought that an abusive boyfriend was normal.

In fact, once when I was quite young I was living with one and he strangled me one morning at 7 am in the bathroom before work, he shoved me against the wall and tried to kill me then I went to work with strangle marks on my neck, a friend questioned me about it and I said, doesn’t every boyfriend do this to his girlfriend? I had no clue, I knew no different. I was only 21.

If anyone else would like to contribute to or participate in Lovefraud’s high school initiative, please send me an e-mail to [email protected].

Book giveaway

On another note—we received lots of entries for our contest to win a copy of my book, Love Fraud How marriage to a sociopath fulfilled my spiritual plan. The winners have been notified—congratulations to all!

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Ox Drover

Dear Donna,

That is wonderful, I hope that you are able to get this off and running quickly.

I hope that you can get your program certified so that the information presented will count toward continuing education requirements for teachers and counselors, which should give more credibility to the program as well and make them more anxious to attend.

I’m glad you had such good success with your initial presentation to the school girls. I hope too that in the future the presentations can be to both sexes, though I actually think they might be better done in same-sex groups rather than co-ed groups.

You amaze me with all the wonderful and powerful things you are accomplishing and thanks to everyone who participated in this effort as well.

Dani S

Wow this is great Donna, would love to help but not sure how in Australia… Wouldn’t it be wonderful if it became a world wide education program for the kiddies…. Need to ring Oprah before she retires.

I actually had a sociopath boyfriend when I was at high school as well. He once punched me in the middle of my back so hard he winded me. I would also find him under tree’s and strange places spying on me at parties and other places. I thought his behaviour was very odd but I most certainly didn’t know he was a sociopath, but hey I didn’t even know I was married to one. This is why it is so important but not only do the professional need to be ready for the Q & A’s they also need to know that a lot of kids may realise they have Sociopathic parents and cant just drop them like they can a boyfriend. In this situation it could turn a kids world around and they need to know where to go to and what to do as well. Because we know sometime NC is impossible.Education is everything! and I love what you do.
All the very best with this Donna, you are just wonderful 🙂


Dear Donna,
Only have a min. I am delighted with the results. Hope I can do more in the future.
THANKS to all those that gave of their time and talents. This work is so important.
This is my busy season in work, so I may not get to post much but will continue to read and educate myself.
Happy Thanksgiving all—-Many Blessings, Seeing Clearly.
Stay Strong Stay Safe and Stay Sane



I taught high school psychology for a number of years and I always spent time teaching the students about the warning signs of sociopaths. Those lectures were always among the favorite of my students. Keep up the good work.


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