LOVEFRAUD TO THE NEXT LEVEL: Let’s pitch Oprah and other media

Lovefraud should be on Oprah. I can’t tell you how many times people have told me that. I agree.  So let’s contact Oprah and tell her—along with other media outlets.

Lovefraud educates people about sociopaths. Sociopaths are the most destructive element of the human race, but few people know they exist. And, because they don’t know about these predators, people are victimized.

Oprah probably has the world’s biggest media platform, and she talks about important issues. The issue of sociopaths is incredibly important. A show that informs her audience about these dangerous predators could make a huge difference in the lives of millions of people.

The website includes a form in which you can e-mail the producers. So let’s do it. Click on the link below. Tell Oprah’s producers why you think Lovefraud should be on the show.

Contact the Oprah producers

Maybe, if hundreds of us contact the Oprah show, they’ll take the pitch seriously.

And while you’re at it, if you have any other broadcast contacts—TV or radio—please suggest a show on the topic of sociopaths. I am prepared to talk about:

  • The social predators among us, and how to avoid them
  • Why smart women fall for con men
  • Dangers of online dating
  • Why sociopaths get away with exploiting people
  • Spiritual lessons from a run-in with a sociopath
  • Betrayal, recovery and transformation in the book “Love Fraud—How marriage to a sociopath fulfilled my spiritual plan”

I am also happy to do interviews with reporters from newspapers, magazines or websites. Anything to get the word out.

When something happens that seems to involve a sociopath—I know you can spot the news stories, because many of you send me the links to articles that I’ve been posting—producers and reporters are often looking for experts to explain what has happened. I’m always happy to do that.

The objective, as always, is to educate people about these disordered individuals, hopefully before they are exploited. Here are some links that members of the media may find helpful. Press Center

Lovefraud Book Media page News

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A parent has “control” over a child. If the child reaches independence (which actually is the GOAL) then the parents feel they have lost CONTROL, so by you NEEDING THEM they are in control.

When my egg donor kept asking me if I needed money (which of course she was willing to supply) she was actually saying “Will you sell me CONTROL over yourself?” I kept saying NO, I dont’ need your money and she was offended, because it also meant MY CONTROL WASN’T FOR SALE and she didn’t know any other way to get it for herself….it was THREATENING to her to NOT be in control!

I’m glad that you are starting to see this picture for what it is Sky, and you may fluctuate back and forth for a while, but you are STARTING TO SEE THE BIG PICTURE, and frankly, your family picture is not much prettier than mine is I think. It is painful to realize that you have looked at this “picture” and not see that it is SOOOOOO UGLY, YOU HAVE TO SPELL IT WITH TWO U’s, “U-U-gly”

I wish there were a way you could see this picture and not be hurt by realizing JUST HOW UUGLY it truly is, and how little your parents really care(d) about you and that THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO TO MAKE THIS UUGLY PICTURE ANY PRETTIER.

The ONLY options you have are:

1) accept it and be part of it, JUST LIKE IT IS
2) LEAVE COMPLETELY and make your own picture the way you like it.

I like option number 2, and that was the one I took, but it is not an easy thing to do, and while you are BETWEEN options 1 and 2, there is a big empty DEAD SPACE in there that it seems like I could never get out of, but I did.

Since you do have a sister that apparently decided to take option number 2 a long time ago and MOVED FAR AWAY, maybe you can call her up and say “Sis, I see now why you moved far away from this situation, and I am now doing the same thing. I just wanted to tell you I’m glad you escaped, and I’m sorry it took me so long to see that for myself, but I have decided to escape too.”

So maybe you can salvage a relationship with that one sister even though she lives far away. It might be worth it. Two of my half sibs that I knew as children escaped from my P-sperm donor, and I would love to have a relationship with them, but they are not interested in a relationship with me and they really dont’ know me because they were kids the last time I saw them, but that’s their choice and I respect it. The one who is I think a P like our sperm donor, I don’t want a relationship with him, but he is the only 1 out of the 3 that actually contacted me! LOL Go figure! LOL

Wow, Oxy,
that’s really interesting that your good sibs don’t want to know you. My good sis also maintained distance from me (though not as much as from the rest of the family). She was not aware of these dynamics in the way you and I are (now), it was just natural for her to grow up and grow boundaries. apparently it wasn’t “natural” for you and I. We had to study the matter and SEE what we needed to do.
When all the evil happened, my good sis was my biggest source of support and I did educate her about N’s and P’s, she even read a few books in order to understand me better.
I’ve been calling her the last 2 weeks, while I’ve been posting here, and asking her about her memories of our childhood.
I thought the memories of what actually happened would be helpful to understanding. But they were not very helpful, it just made me think my parents were spaths. Yesterday’s performance really turned the light bulb on in my little head.
But anyway, what I meant to say is that maybe your good-sibs think that you are like the family members that they “escaped from” and they don’t want to be slimed again.
Perhaps it’s time to re-introduce yourself. Humbly, of course!

Dear Sky,

No, I will RESPECT their boundaries.

They set those boundaries several years ago when one of our sperm donor’s first cousins was doing an up dated “family descendants of…” book, and contacting all the descendants of my great grandfather..she did a great job. Go them ALL and with it being several hundred people to follow up on, that was quite a feat!

My two “good sibs” expressed a desire to remain without contact from me….and that is okay. I can respect that boundary. I know WHY—my P sperm donor accused me of something that Is a total LIE, but they were small children and have no memory of it, and probably not much of me either.

Just as WE set a boundary with the psychopaths “I do not want contact with you!” and then they keep coming back year after year or even after decades and TRYING TO CROSS THAT BOUNDARY, I will RESPECT the boundary set by my half sibs because I think they have a RIGHT to set that boundary whether or not I am “evil” or not. Just because we share a sperm donor and I (ME!!) would like a relationship with them (I think) doesn’t mean that they owe me the time of day much less a relationship.

I keep up with them and their lives sort of back-handedly on the internet and through the family gossip mill, it isn’t much, but I do get some information about them, and have photos of my half sib’s kids and I am GLAD that they are doing well and are apparently happy. I no longer “grieve” over not having a relationship with them, and I have ACCEPTED that they don’t want one with me. It is OKAY…I have moved on with my life and they have with theirs. Sharing DNA doesn’t mean we have to share anything else.

IF they wanted to contact me, they know HOW to do so….so if and when they ever do contact me, I will respond positively, but since they have set a boundary I WILL RESPECT THEIR WISHES.

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