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LOVEFRAUD TO THE NEXT LEVEL: Reader challenge for Lovefraud education program

One of the items on my to-do list today is to call the head of the Guidance Department at a local high school. We’re in the initial stages of planning the Lovefraud program for high school students about sociopaths, bullying and dating violence.

I just saw the following post by the Lovefraud reader, Seeing Clearly:

Folks”¦I heard a comment on the John Tess radio show that sent chills down my spine. He was talking about teens, and especially girls who are now in or have been in abusive or controlling relationships and thought it is NORMAL. Scary..we need to be diligent and stop (nip it in the bud) this. As a mentor of mine use to say there comes a time when you draw a line in the sand—you’re either in or out. Decision time has come. Donna I will send you a check for up to $1000.00, (one thousand dollars) of matching funds from readers that will contribute for the next 48 hours. Post where the funds should be sent. This is our time and place to make a difference. The marathon starts now. Let’s ROLL and keep on ROLLING for ourselves and our daughters and sons who should not have to endure any of this crap. I have searched for a reason this happened to me because I do believe that everything happens for a reason. Perhaps it finding this site and this cause. Let us all work together to expose these theives of our time, love, emotions and money. I’m serious about this, I’m mad as h— and I’m not taking it no more. See you at the finish line. I am Seeing Clearly Now.

You can see the post yourself it is on the Please join the movement thread, dated Wednesday, 10 November 2010 @ 8:02 a.m.

I am extremely grateful for this reader’s generosity. There will be expenses in developing this program, and any support will help a lot.

If you’d like to help support Lovefraud in this effort, please send a pledge to me at [email protected] in the next 48 hours. (I trust that Seeing Clearly is willing to start the countdown from the time of this announcement.) Put “Education Program Challenge” in the subject line. Later, we’ll send a PayPal invoice, or you can contribute by check or credit card. All money raised will be earmarked for the Lovefraud high school education program.

This is wonderful. I am thrilled. Thank you so much.

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I know someone who was a victim of a sociopath and it was not pretty.
I am all for education and if students in HS can be taught BEFORE a disaster happens then I’m going to help.
Seeing Clearly is an inspiration and I am pledging a $100 for this cause.
Thank you Donna for this site and taking it to the next level!!!

super chic

Donna, I sent you an email regarding my pledge.
I really believe in what you are doing!


Dear Donna,
I am serious, and I will start the count down from the time of your posting. I hope this will jump start the movement, this is a wake up call to all. At some point everyone has to stop re-acting and start acting. Together we can do this—-See you at the finish line. I’m on board. Thanks again Donna. You Go Girl and let me know what else I can do. Best ALways, Seeing Clearly Now.


Dear Donna, I hope you are getting pledges, I do want to ask that people please don’t post your amount. I am good for my end of the bargain but I don’t wish for anyone to feel intimadated or pressured to give. A million dollars collected $1.00 at a time is still a million dollars. Donna please keep me posted. Stay Strong, Stay Safe and Stay Sane. Good Night, Seeing Clearly Now.


Donna and “Seeing Clearly Now”
Donna, you have filled a big whole in a lonely world for alot of us victims and Thank You! You have poured out your heart and tried to make awareness of these preditors. That is more than most can do after being a victim. I carry a “lighted torch” for this awareness myself, after being a victim.
I will make a small contribution but what I need PRIOR to it is the name of the corporation that falls under and the state of registration and a tax ID number. I need this for tax (IRS) purposes. My accountant would have a fit and a snit if I don’t have that info on my check and on file.

Seeing Clearly your post of: A million dollars collected $1.00 at a time is still a million dollars.
How heart warming and encouraging. You are so correct!
I still need the info for even just a $1.00, every dollar adds up when you contribute to a million charities. I love your salutation Cearly… I hope you don’t mind if I use it just this one time..
Stay Strong, Stay Safe and Stay Sane. Good Night!

On that note…. God Bless Us All Here and may the devil eradicate the reason we are here!
I’m not the crazy 1!!!!!!!


why is this not posting on the left? new here! will figure it out!


soimnotthecrazee1 says,”I still need the info for even just a $1.00, every dollar adds up when you contribute to a million charities. ”

This would be incorrect information, soimnotthecrazee1.

The tax ID number is perhaps the last thing you need. What is required is *proof* that *you donated* (money or goods or time) to anyplace claiming “tax exempt status.” The burden is on the person filing the tax return to prove they donated for IRS purposes.

The tax ID number would not go on your “check” and check? Most people donate via internet, receiving an instant receipt of donation on the donattion page and/or sent to your email account.


I stand corrected. I haven’t donated online before only here localy.



After trust is shattered by the sociopath, most newcomers may ask for “proof of goodness” in some way, shape or form; even here at LF. All is cool not-the-crazee-1 🙂

My kids are divvying up their holiday donations between one (no-kill) animal shelter and LF! I am so proud of them.


I fully support what you are doing! I wish I could donate but I have been raped financially by the Lawyers, the judges, and the Child Support system. I had to file bankruptcy last year and now the economy has cut my business by 40% (Real Estate Services/Home Inspection Business). My Ex is a Spath! I have Psyche Eval reviewed by State Board that validated it! IT mentions behaviors associated with Narcissistic, Histrionic, PAranoid, and Borderline disorders, but fails to actually DIAGNOSE! This is a real problem in the Family Court and Psychological Profession. The Lawyers forced the Psychological & Social Work profession to cow tow to their needs long ago. Definitive diagnosis is frowned upon. It tends to shorten the hours the Lawyers can bill and settle custody cases too quickly for their pocket books. The Judges are all Lawyers, so they perpetuate the problem. Social Workers get business from the courts, and they have no motivation to really solve people’s problems. Also, remember, NONE of these so called Professionals is required to undergo a Psychological Evaluation to obtain their license! As one of my sons former therapists told me when I expressed concern about another therapists mental health, “As the Saying Goes in our Field, It takes one to know one!” Many disordered personalities are attracted to the field of Psychology! Be very Careful who you send your children to! My Ex has shopped all over (She is a Social Worker & works for the County where my case is!) using friends and co-workers. She takes them to people who believe and buy into her fraudulent stories. She fires them if they start to figure things out. The latest one for my daughter was referred by her co-worker and even though my daughter refused to attend after the first session of listening to this woman tell her what she knows are big fat lies about her dad, she fraudulently billed the Insurance company and me for 12 sessions! My daughter never attended a single full session after the first one, and sat in the coffee shop the entire time while her mother and this so-called professional chatted and used that to justify billing me and the Insurance company! I would also warn you Donna, you may be victimized by Spaths on this site. They would not hesitate to try to deceive you and everyone on here who is a victim, into believing they are a victim as well. Think about it. And remember, there are Sociopathic men no doubt, but there are just as many Sociopathic Women. The female gender Spath is more difficult to expose because of the Laws that were intended to protect healthy, functional women from abusive men. These abusive women have turned the shield of law into a sword, and they are quite skilled at doing so. False accusations are used widely because there is no consequence or accountability when they are proven to be false. The bottom line is not just education, but changes in the law must be made to hold both genders accountable for the lies told in court under oath, and the false claims made that are proven to be false. We need to get the Lawmakers to address this issue because it is a loophole that is being used widely by these, as I like to call them, “Passive Aggressive BULLIES”.


Perniciousfamilycourts (PFC), Donna, and anyone else interested,
(PFC) I totally get what you are saying and agree with you 100%!!! A sp would get great pleasure out of dupping anyone of us. I mean this site would be a wonderful playground for their sick thinking and the games they play. Just as perpetrators will often get onto sites for the victims of childhood sexual abuse recovery, etc.. go figure!!!! (PFC) i am sorry that you have been through hell with the legal system and counselors, etc…. I have had the misfortune of being in your shoes… I have been lied about by my ex (my kids father) not the sp in jail for assault on me. He even had my kids lie and yes they all should have had consequenses for their lies but got away scott free. Anyway, I too am unable to send $ but i am willing to go into the high schools and talk about such issues. I have been there before. I am a disabled R.N. and i have brought together a group of at risk kids for drug abuse prevention and open communication about their family lives, relationships, etc…… Not to get into anything too personal right now i can tell you that i have experienced everything rotten that a young HS girl could imagine, i speak from experience. Let me know if i can help in this capacity. As i have mentioned before i am working with Victim’s advocates and INterns that are going into the psych. professions due to my circumstances and i will start with education there for now. When i was young i did not know that what i was going through was abnormal which kept me involved with what i knew to be familiar and that was very creepy sociopathic people which always ended in my re-victimization so i do know alot about this type of situation, the after-effects, and the recovery. Good luck to you all and i hope that your program gets the $ needed and can help many young men and women. Light and love, Caylin

little blue fish

Hi Donna and “Seeing Clearly Now”,

Thank you for everything, I just sent an email, I would like to contribute to the cause, thank you so much!!!


Hi Donna
I have emailed a pledge and give my support to such an excellent cause.


PFC Well said. I agree. and no one should feel obligated to give, it’s difficult for me to sit on the sideline and do nothing at all. I feel for all of you who have been a victim. I feel blessed that I did not pay for the grand tour.
Stay Strong Stay Safe and Stay Sane.


Donna are you set up for Paypal?


I think this is a wonderful idea. I never would have ended up in a life of abuse if it had been stopped when I was a teenager.


I just e-mailed my pledge. I love the idea of educating our teens! Thank you so much!


Dear Donna,
Good Morning, There are only a few more hours to go. I’m headed off to work. Please let us know the tally at the end of the day. I pray I will have to send you a check for the full amount. Keep up the good work. Respectfuly, Seeing Clearly
Stay Strong STay Safe and STay SAne.
A good day to all.


Dear Donna,
Please post the tally and I will send you a cashier check on Monday. Thanks to all of you who contributed. We may do this again sometime. I am sending an email out to friends and family in hopes of generating a ground swell….time will tell.
Has been a busy day, I’ll sign off for now. Good Evening all.
Stay Strong, Stay Safe and Stay Sane. Seeing Clearly Now.


There are several choices you can make to raise funds online, but I think you should do it through your Facebook page, which will get you more notice. Below is a link to ChipIn, which you allows you to place a banner and Paypal button on your Facebook page and/or website. It gives you a tally bar which shows how close you are to reaching your funding goal. Paypal makes it easy for people to donate with their ATM/credit cards, including me. Good luck!


I don’t know WHY I didn’t see this. I only noticed it when searching for something. I know the 48 hours is up, but I’m pledging $100 to Donna anyway for help with all the good work she’s doing!

Peace Sisters

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