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M.L. Gallagher’s book now available in the Lovefraud Store

There’s a certain poetry to the articles M. L. Gallagher—Louise—posts here on the Lovefraud Blog. Take, for example, her article from September 23, 2009, called After the sociopath is gone: Our thoughts become our reality. It starts:

So, it’s over. He’s gone and done the dirty D&D (devalue and discard, also affectionately known as ”˜diss and dump’) one last time. You’ve sworn, ”˜that’s it!’ a thousand times, cried your eyes out through the night, poured your heart out into the soggy pillow and vowed to get over him. You’ve ripped up all his pictures, thrown out the tokens (what few there are) of his love, including the dollar store ”˜crystal’ wine goblets and the fake diamond ring. You’ve told your friends, (what few you have left), that you will never, ever talk to the lying, cheating, manipulative rat bazturd ever again. Never. Ever. Period. Finito. Not until hell freezes over, or the Dow Jones climbs above twenty gazillion points.

You are adamant in your resolve. You are firm. Resolute.

And then the phone rings. You stare at it. Close your eyes. Dare you read the caller ID?

The description is vivid. Even more important, it’s accurate, and we know it. That’s because Louise has been where we’ve all been. She’s been lied to, manipulated and gaslighted. The man whom she thought she loved enticed her to the edge of the abyss, where she teetered—until the police saved her by hauling him away.

Louise tells her story in her book, The Dandelion Spirit—A True Life Fairytale of Love, Lies and Letting Go. She describes how she was ensnared, how she was freed and how she processed the trauma. In fact, along with the story, the book contains essays that she wrote as she was recovering, so you can read the story of her healing in real time.

If you like Louise’s posts on Lovefraud, you’ll love her book. The Dandelion Spirit is now available in the Lovefraud Store.

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