New year, new Lovefraud Blog

Happy New Year to all Lovefraud readers! I hope you’ve had peaceful holidays, and I hope the New Year brings you strength and healing.

We’ve just completed an upgrade of the Lovefraud Blog software so that we’re now using the most current version of WordPress. Hopefully this will solve the problem that some of you have had with losing posts. If you notice any difficulties, please send an e-mail to [email protected]

With this upgrade, we’ve implemented some new features:

Enhanced search

When you type a search term into the box at the top of the left column, you’ll see a quick listing of articles and comments that match the search term. You can also use a Lovefraud reader’s screen name as a search term, to see recent comments posted by that user.

When you hit return after typing in your search term, the main blog window will show you posts that contain the term.

Easier archive search

We’ve changed the structure of how articles are indexed under “Categories” to make it easier for you to find what you want to read. Headlines are now listed in alphabetical order without the initial paragraphs of text so you can quickly scan the topics.

Twitter and Facebook

You can now follow Lovefraud on both Twitter and Facebook. Just click on the icons at the top of the left column.

If you’re a Facebook user, please sign up as a fan. Lovefraud is dedicated to educating people about sociopaths, and helping those who’ve been victimized recover. The more people who know about Lovefraud, the safer we’ll all be.

Advertise on Lovefraud

If you have a product or service that you’d like to promote to Lovefraud readers, you can now advertise—easily—on the Lovefraud Blog. We’ll soon be implementing the advertising opportunities on the main Lovefraud website as well.

For information on ad availability and costs, click the “Advertise on Lovefraud” button in the right column on the blog.

Book publication in the spring

All these changes are in preparation for a big year for Lovefraud. My book will be published in the spring. When it is, I’ll be working hard to draw more attention—in the media, on the Internet, and among everyday people—to the dire problem of sociopaths living among us.

In 2010, keep your eyes on Lovefraud.

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Uh which skillet….the golden one or the newly awarded silver one……I’ve got a collection from you darling!
And I’m still waiting on the battery operated silicone skillet from Star…..although that ones NOT for pain inflicting!!! 🙂

You of all people know that only when we are ‘tired’ of the current feelings and worked em, can we progress to the next ‘seat’…..so your doing a good job of ‘shaken it up’ and just try to keep your head up. If you don’t….you’ll trip!

I’m really happy you got away!

Hi peeps…..My son went to see The Lovely Bones last night…..and his reaction was so funny to me….
He is ‘practicing’ his cluster B recognition.
He came home and wanted to discuss the whole movie with me…..play by play and how he thought of me the whole movie…..and what I have taught him. He said, the killer was a total sociopath…..regardless if he killed the girls or not….
And in the end…..he was so thrilled the dude got hit hard by Karma. Which was another lesson for him that he related to his own father……(the S)….that even though the law doesn’t or may not catch up to ya……Karma does……and the point was…..they just DON”T get away with it.

The funny part is It’s like he’s got this info through ‘osmosis’ because I have only shared Cluster B info when he asks or finds it on my desk. I don’t know if he is aware of all the research I have done…..but he know’s I’ve changed.
I have been very careful not to expose him to all evil because I don’t want him taking on the impression that NO ONE can be trusted.
Since he was little….in ‘odd’ situations, I have said to him….”XX, Just keep your eyes wide open”.
He has done his own research and often asks me…..hey mom…you think that dude is a S?
I remind him I’m not qualified to diagnose….but the behaviors are certainly there.
He see’s it in people…..and I LOVE THAT! I love that he ‘tests’ himself and questions it in his world….and I hope to god that it benefits him……
It’s an awareness I never had!
I also hear him talking to his friends and teaching them about certain behaviors that are ‘red flags’……

Knowledge = protection=awareness=a GOOD THING!!!!

We are going to go see the movie together soon…..he wants me to ‘see’ what he was describing the guy as a sociopath.

We need to take all opportunities to teach and learn about Cluster B behaviors…..

Nah I am fully losing the plot on the new names here – can recognises Hens – that’s fairly easy and one step I know both the old and the new but Moon Tea … nope! Stumped despite the cat allusions and 12 steps = my brain is mush!
Hope everyone had a great weekend – mine was lousy – am in a wasteland yet again with this bastard’s moves and wondering when it will end. Am quietly hoping he just f***s off and dies somewhere quietly 🙂

Dear OxDrover,
So pleased to hear you are taking a nice rest. It has been rough sailing here and no good news–guess that is why I have gone quiet awhile.
Did the hearing not go well?Surely parole board listened to you! God Bless you and thank you for the kind words. Much Love, Breach

Never noticed the profile link before!!! DUHHHHHHH! Thanks Donna, you rock!


the new edit and cancel features are great!

I likey the edit feature 🙂


Donna, thanks for the editing feature! Just noticed it when I logged on today.


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