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On Canadian TV tonight: ‘The Psychopath Next Door’

Psychopath next door

According to the program, psychopaths thrive in business.

Tonight at 9 p.m. on CBC, our Canadian readers can watch The Psychopath Next Door, which “provides a chilling and provocative examination of those in our midst who act without conscience.”

The documentary featuring several well-known experts on the disorder, such as Dr. Robert Hare, professor emeritus at the University of British Columbia, who developed the Psychopathy Checklist Revised. Dr. Steven Porter, also of the university, says:

“Psychopaths are every bit as rational as any human being, if not more so, because they don’t have the noise of human emotion. Psychopaths do know right from wrong in the ‘cognitive’ or rational sense, and even do as well on moral-reasoning tasks in the lab setting as the rest of us.”

I hope Lovefraud readers in Canada will watch the show and tell us what they think. Here’s more info:

The Psychopath Next Door

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I wish I lived in Canada! I hope this documentary is more widely available after it’s initial Canadian release. I’m so happy they are getting the information out there.


Hi MaryGrace,

Just watched this online and yes it is worth watching. Thanks for the heads up Donna.

May I suggest marygrace that you use a VPN service to be able to watch it online anytime. Just go to the link below (of free VPN) and choose Canada as the country where you are located to be able to watch this doc zone documentary online.

I use pay VPN, therefore would not mind living where American Netflix is available. When it comes to movie availability on Netflix American content is the best. Far superior to any other country, including Canada. Grass is greener and all that but honestly you have it best for movies.


I hope somebody in Canada will record the show and upload it to YouTube.

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