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Petition to block parole: Be the voice of a murdered 9-year-old

Editor’s note: The Lovefraud reader “Radar_On” sent the following:

Forty years ago, Roxy Ann Keathley was collecting pop bottles to make a little money. Thats how Papp lured her! She lived in apartments with her family behind a shopping center (it is still there today) where this monster would dump her little body in the wooded area behind the shopping center.

She was only 9 at that time., I was 12. I remember the news reports, remember the newspaper articles. This case was the first televised court case in Ohio in that day. This was before all the agencies we have today, before there was support groups for parents of murdered children!  I’ve never forgot about Roxy Ann!

From time to time, over the years, I would do the “inmate search” to see if this demon was still locked up. HE IS COMING UP FOR PAROLE!!! I posted these links on facebook, to have others go to Block Parole website to sign the petition. Please be a Voice for Roxy. Send these links to others. He comes up for parole in March! My desire is to be a voice for this little girl, that is the least I can do for her now. Knowing what I know now about spaths, I’m sure Papp is one!

Petition to block parole

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Ox Drover

I had been sent this information by a lovefraud blogger a while back, and I had suggested that she send it to LF so that more people could know about it and protest it as well. I’m glad t see that she did. I also put in a request with the web site to block parole petition for Patrick and I heard back from them and sent them the police report about his crime. I haven’t heard back from them since.

Although I filled out the form for the parole protest at I also contacted the state parole agency on line and filled out the OFFICIAL parole protest form which is the way the state takes parole protests, so I am not sure if the state will even honor the petition from block parole dot com. I hope they will because this particular case is horrific for sure.


Thank you Donna, for posting this! Yes, it was 4 yrs. ago, the vermin is still alive and am sure he would love to get out. I have never forgot about this little girl, this happened in Lorain County, in Ohio. The small shopping center is still here in town, and when I venture there to go to the store, as I drive past that wooded area, I still remember little Roxie Ann Many thanks….


Typo correction: 40 yrs.



I sure hope the petition is considered “valid!”

Ox Drover

Truthy, that’s why I ALSO sent to the site for the ohio parole board and they have an official form and Ii got one printed off and mailed to them. So I covered myself both ways to make sure my voice was heard. Some government offices accept on line “petitions” and some ignore them so I just wanted to make sure I WAS a voice for this child and against the monster.


Good point, OxD………people don’t know what they don’t know, and this is something that most people are completely ingorant of.

Brightest blessings

Distressed Grandmother

This site is in need of work for the petition. They will only except Americans not Canadians.

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