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Petition to save an Iranian woman from being hanged for killing attempted rapist

Rayhaneh Jabbari

Iranian officials want to hang Rayhaneh Jabbari.

Rayhaneh Jabbari, a 26-year-old Iranian woman has spent the last seven years in prison because she fought back against a man attempting to rape her and killed him. Soon, she is scheduled to be executed by hanging.

A Lovefraud reader has forwarded a link to a petition to save the young woman’s life, which will be delivered to international authorities.

Although the case has not received much coverage in English-speaking media, the Lovefraud reader, who speaks Persian, says it has been covered in Persian media not controlled by the Iranian government. In fact, Nazanin Afshin-Jam, an Iranian-Canadian model and human rights activist who is married to Canada’s Minister of Justice, tweeted a link to the petition.

Link for more info and the petition.

UN expert calls on Iran to halt execution of Iranian woman, on Scoop.Co.NZ

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Thank You for posting this Donna….I have signed the petition.

Thank you Donna. My husband and I both signed this.


Of course I signed the petition! Hopefully many others do, too! Thanks for sharing this.


Cannot seem to find the petition, would love to sign it. Need help in finding it.


Hi Donna, and thank you for responding, I found it an was happy to sign it. Peace an love


Copy and paste link in the article. Then the first page of website there is a box at the bottom, click on it. Should work.
Proud to sign petition.

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