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Petition to stop rapists from posting online personal ads from prison

Robert Torres

Robert Torres

Imagine Lori Williams’ shock when she discovered that Robert Torres, the man who was convicted of raping her and sentenced to four concurrent life sentences, had placed a personal ad on the Internet.

Williams has started a petition for Texas to make it illegal for sex offenders to solicit romantic relationships on the Internet.

Prohibit prisoners convicted of violent crimes from soliciting the public online, on

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Rosie Jackson

Internet trolling by sexual predators must be outlawed!


We should not have to drum up pations! They are incarcerated prisioners. Why do they even have the internet in prison! They can’t cell phones, why do they have computers period! Take all that stuff from them. They have revision with local channels and if they want to communicate with friends and family, pens, paper and envlopes can get the job done as well as the internet, just slower. I wish they would stop giving prisioners privileges some law abiding working people can’t afford to have.

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