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Most new visitors find Lovefraud by Googling either “sociopath” or “sociopath symptoms,” and clicking on links in the search results to our main website,

We’ve just completed a comprehensive content revision for, which hadn’t been done in a couple of years. We’ve updated information, fixed broken links, and, based on input from readers, shifted emphasis. Here are some of the changes:

• Equal play for female sociopaths. Although the original content mentioned a few times that sociopaths were both male and female, the overall tone focused on male perpetrators, and guys who’d been victimized by women rightfully complained. The imbalance has been corrected.

• Larger estimates of the number of sociopaths. In discussing the prevalence of sociopathy in the general population, Lovefraud originally quoted Dr. Robert Hare’s figures. Dr. Hare estimates that 1% of the population of North America may be psychopaths, which is the term he uses (see below). Other medical professionals feel that 4% of the population are sociopaths, which is, of course, a much bigger number. We sure don’t know who is right, so now takes both views into account.

• Confusion in terminology. Several articles on this blog address the issue of whether these predators should be called sociopaths, psychopaths, people with antisocial personality disorder, or creeps. The professionals disagree, and we can’t solve the problem. All Lovefraud can do is present a fuller description of the disagreement, and ask the experts to come to a decision.

• Categories of articles in the Lovefraud Blog. As of today, there are 348 posts in the Lovefraud Blog, and more than 14,000 comments. Many people are not aware of the wealth of information in the articles and the comments contributed by Lovefraud bloggers. This new page highlights the 12 categories of the articles, such as “Explaining the sociopath” and “Healing from a sociopath,” so you can find the type of information you’re looking for.

Coming soon

Two other major enhancements to are also underway. One is a Lovefraud Store, where we will soon offer books by our authors.

The other is the Lovefraud Professional Resources Guide. Many, many people have asked Lovefraud to refer therapists, lawyers and other providers who can help them deal with the aftermath of life with a sociopath. So far, we’ve been unable to offer any assistance. But we are now in the process of developing a database of knowledgeable providers. Once the structure is complete, we will ask all Lovefraud readers to refer any professionals you know who can provide competent service to victims of sociopaths.

Since Lovefraud launched in July 2005, it has evolved into a solid repository of information about sociopaths, and a supportive community of healing for all of us who have been victimized by these predators. Your contributions have made Lovefraud the wonderful resource that it is. Thank you so much.

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REV . DR . jere is in HOUSE:)~


What ever we have to work w/what we have love Jere

Martha Stout’s 4% estimate comes from the DSM-IV statistic for antisocial personality disorder.

Personally I believe that the sum total for NPD, AsPD, and psychopathy, even considering the overlap among these different categories, is greater than that.

Donna Anderson, thank you so much for your hard work. Obviously, from the great responses, you have hit a nerve. I think blogs like this, true life experiences with sociopaths, are the engine driving increased public knowledge of the condition. My own blog is one step removed from emotional 1st hand experience — friends will say ‘Good blog, but why do you have such a strange interest.’ AHHHHH! Obviously the word has to be spread bottom up, not top down. Already individuals lost in a quandary over a relationship with an S can find information in blogs like this and figure out what is going on.

I knew a woman who spent her wedding night crying in the hotel lobby (the desk clerk told her this is a frequent occurrence). Unfortunately it still took several years for her to figure out what was wrong and get out. Your work helps prevent this.

I wanted to add a few points about terminology. By narcissists, are we talking about Scott Peck’s People of the Lie? While they can be hideously thoughtless they’re very different in cause from sociopaths (I consider them one of the faux S conditions). IMO, it’s a purely psychological condition, sort of a rigid psychological framework, approach to life framework chosen at a very deep level of the psyche. Not at all biological. Sociopathy on the other hand is much more genetic.

Adrian Raine’s work has seemed to show fundamental brain differences. Brain Scans Show Abnormalities In Psychopaths: (I wonder how he selected his “Successful” psychopaths group. I strongly believe in them (SAPs) but I have no idea how he identified them.)

He also did work on pathological liars. Habitual Liar Brains Look Different On Scans: Here you don’t seem to focus much on pathological liars or pseudologues (unless I’ve just missed it) but rather just consider them in with sociopaths. Yes? I believe they have their own subtle differences, but I don’t know if there’s reason to throw them into the terminology hat or not.

If anyone is interested, I bring up the story of Suzy Bass, possible pseudologue, in my blog.

[My 2 cents worth, I like the freewheeling discussions here.]

alina says:
THe true stories are fascinating, as is the blog….
It is being used as a place for conversations, similar to a message board, and it is difficult to follow IMHO….. I think it’s more helpful for everyone if the comments are related to the blog topic rather than of a personal nature meant for just a few people………

I have to agree with this. I do find it helpful reading people’s stories about their own personal experience, as related to the topic., or even if not particularly related to the post topic, at least related to sociopaths or psychopaths. But alot of the chit chat goes on and on and doesn’t even have anything remotely related to sociopaths, psychopaths, recovery etc. and I find myself getting annoyed sometimes scrolling down thru a bunch of general chit chat to find a post that is related to the s or p experience. And I have been reading here a few months, so I can imagine how frustrating it must be for a newbie. But apparently I’m not annoyed enough to quit reading.. 🙂

alina and jen – I am guilty of what you mention. I came here 7 months ago and all I could discuss is sociopath/physcopath related comments – I am healing -starting to live again and I do love this site – over the months some of us have bonded and want to say hello or talk about the days events – perhaps a special thread just for chit chat would prevent me from anoying you perhaps Donna could have a open thread for that and yes one comment per new thread is a good idea

I don’t mind multiple comments Henry as I would hate to see the site get too “rulesy” (is that a word?), and I also don’t mind the occasional non related to socio or p comment. It is just sometimes when a whole bunch of general chit chat is grouped together about stuff like the weather in Toyko or what someone ate for dinner, whatever–that sort of thing that does sometimes get a alittle annoying for me. But I understand alot of people on here have been here a long time and have bonded, so that is why it is sometimes like reading a chat site. But overall, I find it an excellent blog site.

But that is a good idea to have one thread for general chit chat for members who’ve gotten to know each other and just want to talk about their general day etc. Who knows, maybe Donna will consider that.


I appreciate your links and insights.


I understand your concerns about the personal nature of the blogs, and it is nearly impossible to follow all of the threads unless you are here 24/7. However, during the past year I have found salvation, understanding, growth, compassion, and friendship here. Sometimes I just read. Sometimes I blog…less frequently now as the journey to healing is widening.

There has been tremendous kindness here. People who were in a personal state of emotional and physical ill-health and devastation a year ago are offering their (cyberhands) in friendship to the “newbies” here. Healing is happening. You can read it, and you can feel it in your bones. It is a journey of emotional, physical, and spiritual enlightenment as one comes out of the “fog” and turns back to pull the lost ones forward. It’s an amazing process.

Hey Henry, quit blogging and start skipping!


Guilty as charged!:)~

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