Storm knocks out World Series and Lovefraud

The violent nor’easter that suspended Game 5 of the baseball World Series also shut down Lovefraud.

Strong winds ripped down phone lines in southern New Jersey—including the lines connecting the Lovefraud server to the Internet. It took Verizon almost a full day to make repairs. If you sent e-mail to Lovefraud anytime since yesterday afternoon, please send it again. It was not received.

Lovefraud apologizes for the service disruption. We will be making technical changes to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

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Thanks for the update!!!I was bouncing off the walls. But now my LF family is back!!!!


I’ve been going into withdrawal!!! Thanks for getting back online ASAP!

I thought it was a psychopath…. : )

Kerisee04 are they / the child safe?????

What do you mean, Indigo? Not like drug withdrawal… Website withdrawal. Is that what you mean, or do you mean update on my stepkids?

Yeah the kids are safe?

the psy is not violent?

They’re not safe. She’s molested my stepson. But the judge wouldn’t believe she was capable of that. She’s very impulsive, which puts her at risk of abusive behaviors. That’s from the psych eval. That judge is an idiot.

kerisee04: Where are the state social service professionals in this case? Why aren’t they evaluating all the players in this situation? A judge is making a decision without back up material from the state professionals in these agencies?

I hate sociopaths.

Short and sweet and too the point!!!! I second that bird!!!!

Warrning ! *

Read at your own Risk :)~

DR . REV . RETARD is in the house !:)

Keri One word INJUNCTION/restraining order emergency !

Did an emergency protective order. This was over a year ago. That’s the only reason we had him as long as we did. My stepson told his therapist, who called the abuse hotline. The police investigated, but he did not tell them. HE WAS 4! He didn’t trust this new person, and they couldn’t deviate from their questioning. A therapist has ways of getting the truth without the child even realizing it. It was considered unsubstantiated because he did not disclose to the investigator, even though at every therapy session, he said her name and nobody else’s. If it were a man, he would never see his child again. But the judge couldn’t believe thnat a woman is capable of something so heinous. he then ordered a male therapist, who is not effective at all and hasn’t gotten anywhere with him. She gradually got her rights back because nothing new was coming out. So we have exhausted every effort, but have had our legs cut out from under us at every turn.

The child’s mother had the DHS worker completely fooled. I called DHS because of a bruise I found on my step-daughter. The lady came out (ONLY time she came to OUR house, btw) and proceeded to put in a report that she thinks my STEPSON was being coached. She didn’t even see my stepson. My stepdaughter never even talked to her (she was 2). So the sociopath has DHS in her back pocket.

kerisee04: That judge needs to go spend a day where I worked … the women psychos out weigh the male psychos in that place. I think our place of employment was the stomping grounds for the anti-socials of the world … one playing off the other.

I asked co-workers of mine that still work there … did any of them change after I left … since they used me as an excuse why they were so miserable … the typical blame game, not taking responsibility for their words or actions.

Answer given me “Of course not, they are more miserable every day … at least when you were here Wini, you instilled logic into their crazy thinking, p’d them all off, but they did have to think about what you said, when you said it”.

Hey, it was only a $250,000.00 lesson. What the heck?


kerisee04: What is DHS to you in your state? Is that social services or family and child health? What is the acronym?

If it’s health, why would health officials be out there? That belongs to children and family services … a branch of their office.

I know, confusing all the states … and their state services.


kerisee04: I’d write a complaint letter to your Attorney General in your state and get him on the ball to what agency needs to see your case.

They are social workers. The people called on to investigate child abuse allegations. When my stepson was acting out sexually, my husband and my stepson’s mother made an appointment with a therapist. The therapist immediately called the hotline. They contacted the county DHS worker, who said that if we got the children together at all, they would all be taken away. She then called everybody in the next day for a meeting, where a safety plan was set up. Basically the children could be together if they were monitored 100% of the time, which I have done religiously since March of 07. As a result, there have been no acting out on my time. There has, however been several occasions on her time. Also, the worker was to visit both households on a random basis (which she did a couple times to the ex-s, NOT ours. Thus the spin in HER direction). It’s a joke. They have no idea what they’re even talking about.

Wini- that’s a good idea. What exactly do Attorney General’s do? Can they get involved?

kerisee04: AG’s are the bulldogs of the state. They are there for your (tax payers) protection and protect the other state agencies too (dual roles).

He or she will look into complaints about a state agency … and believe me, no agency likes when an AG or their assistant AGs come knocking on their doors. Believe me, most AGs should be governor’s of their states. At least our state AG should run for the position.

They are no nonsense individuals. Facts and only facts … they see right through lip service people, no matter what positions they hold or what side they are on.

You have to realize that there are always higher options to take … no matter who you deal with … same with the judge … he has higher ups that he has to listen to … Find out who your judge takes directives from … a higher court which is usually in the court that oversees your’s and other states … they are appealiate courts.

When you are dealing with people who put road blocks in front of you (take the least resistance when doing their jobs) … you have to remember to keep going and keep knocking on every door until someone says YES.

That’s a good idea. I’ll think about that one. Thanks Wini!

The storm knocked out the World Series AND Lovefraud? All I can say is…who needs the World Series?

Exactly I damn near went crazy when LF went out.

Ha ha. Once my computer went down for 2 weeks. I went through such horrible withdrawals from my reptile forum that I had to go to the library to get on for 20 minutes at a time to log on. After my computer got fixed, I returned to find a thread that was 50 posts long asking when I was coming back and talking about how bored they all were without me. Pathetic, isn’t it? LOL Loser in real life but great success on the internet. LOL (Just kidding, I’m not really a loser–most of the time).

I want to share this inspirational quote that came into my e-mail this morning. I thought it appropriate for all of us to read …

Have you still got your space? Your soul, your own and necessary place where your own voices may speak to you, you alone, where you may dream. Oh, hold onto it, don’t let it go.

by Doris Lessing

Peace everyone, others know too, what we are all going through …

Better than being a loser in real life AND online, like me!!!

How could anyone who loves the children and fights for them be a looser. Perhaps you are measuring your worth with a faulty, mixed up ruler!

You love your children and you are fighting for them. To me, that makes you a hero.

Kerisee, the reaction you’ve gotten from Social Services doesn’t surprise me. I once called Social Services on an old neighbor of mine. She was living off the government and prostituting herself for crack. She also had 5 kids. She kept having more so she could continue getting subsidized by the government. So one day I called Social Services and told them about the crack and the prostitution. Do you know what they said? I QUOTE: “Well just because she’s prostituting herself doesn’t mean she’s a bad mother.”

Once I picked my jaw up off the floor, I vowed never to call them again.

I really hope you can find someone–even one person who can advocate for you.

Do they sell (MYCOXAFLOPIN)!!!~~~~~~?

Wow. i didn’t know you could sell stuff on this blog. seems like Simon Hopes to get a sale.

I think he is targeting the wrong people – he should contact our X’s -he would have better luck with them…

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