Storm knocks out World Series and Lovefraud

The violent nor’easter that suspended Game 5 of the baseball World Series also shut down Lovefraud.

Strong winds ripped down phone lines in southern New Jersey—including the lines connecting the Lovefraud server to the Internet. It took Verizon almost a full day to make repairs. If you sent e-mail to Lovefraud anytime since yesterday afternoon, please send it again. It was not received.

Lovefraud apologizes for the service disruption. We will be making technical changes to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

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You love your children and you are fighting for them. To me, that makes you a hero.

Kerisee, the reaction you’ve gotten from Social Services doesn’t surprise me. I once called Social Services on an old neighbor of mine. She was living off the government and prostituting herself for crack. She also had 5 kids. She kept having more so she could continue getting subsidized by the government. So one day I called Social Services and told them about the crack and the prostitution. Do you know what they said? I QUOTE: “Well just because she’s prostituting herself doesn’t mean she’s a bad mother.”

Once I picked my jaw up off the floor, I vowed never to call them again.

I really hope you can find someone–even one person who can advocate for you.

Do they sell (MYCOXAFLOPIN)!!!~~~~~~?

Wow. i didn’t know you could sell stuff on this blog. seems like Simon Hopes to get a sale.

I think he is targeting the wrong people – he should contact our X’s -he would have better luck with them…


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