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To our readers: changes in the Lovefraud Blog

In response to a reader request, the Lovefraud Blog offers a new feature—a listing of recent comments. Snippets of the 10 most recent reader comments, sorted by post, now appear in the navigation panel on the left of your screen. This will make it easy for you to read comments, even if they’ve been added to posts from the blog archives.

By the way, if you use the Firefox browser on a Macintosh, as I do, the recent comments feature is not yet displaying properly. Our webmaster is working to correct the problem.

A bigger change, which you’ve certainly noticed, is that Lovefraud is now displaying more ads, and ads with images. Google ads are somewhat of a mystery. Google uses a top-secret algorithm to calculate payments—some days the revenue is more than other days, for no apparent reason. Recently, however, Google made a change in the algorithm, and as a result, Lovefraud’s revenue is down, even though our traffic is up.

In any event, the ad revenue doesn’t come close to covering the expenses of maintaining Lovefraud. Hopefully the additional ads will help.

You’ll probably see a lot of ads for dating websites. This is because Google places the ads based on keywords in our content, and the name of our website contains the word “love.” It is incongruous, given that Lovefraud always warns about the dangers of Internet dating. But the Google robots don’t necessarily get the context, so they serve up the ads anyway. If we see some that are offensive, we’ll block them. In the meantime, feel free to click on the ads—for a hoot. But always remember that with Internet dating, you must proceed with extreme caution. Lovefraud does not endorse any of the dating websites.

We’ll be making a few graphic changes to improve how the ads display. This will take a bit of time, so please bear with us.

We’re also working on another initiative that will offer an important to our readers. You’ll hear more about it in the near future.

In the meantime, Lovefraud will continue to offer you insightful articles explaining the behavior of sociopaths/psychopaths, and helping victims to recover from these predators. I encourage you to comment about your observations as well. I know that I’ve learned plenty from the comments of Lovefraud readers. The Lovefraud blog has become an important forum on this serious personality disorder.

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Hi Donna

Thank you for all the efforts by the administrators and authors of this site. is probably the only comprehensive ‘place of understanding and healing’ for us all.

Unfortunately there’s no such thing as a free lunch and a site like this does cost money to run. Google listings and ads are one way of doing this, as well as generating the search results for people seeking help. Unfortunately, as you said, the technology does not differentiate between keywords so we have the unwanted dating site ads.

If I may make a suggestion; this posting will soon become one of many in the archives and the explanation offered above about Lovefraud not endorsing these sites and why they are on the Lovefraud site could go unseen by many.

Perhaps a boldly visible note on the Lovefraud home page with the same explanation where every visitor, past present and future will be informed as to why the dating sites are shown on an anti-web-dating site.

The new additions to the site are great and hopefully with time (and a blessing of a bundle of cash), there will be a book version of Lovefraud, containing comments from the experts and some relevant words from victims postings. I think for me, one of the biggest breakthroughs was realizing that I was not such an idiot as I had started to believe. I really did think I was alone and boy, have I been surprised at the magnitude of this harsh reality.

Thanks again for a great site.


Thanks to all that make this site a place of expression and healing. It has been key to my understanding and furthering my healing process. When I have those dark days, in which the lies creep back into my thoughts, I turn here for affirmation and know that I am bigger then all of that. I am light and love.



Yes, thank you for making this site possible. I just wish that there were more parents of sociopaths to talk to about the life that we have trying to raise these kids!!!

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