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Vote for Fannie LeFlore to put her idea into action

Fannie LeFlore, a member of the Lovefraud family, is a semi-finalist in the national Launch Pad contest. This competition will award five winners $5,000 each to implement their ideas to improve their communities.

Fannie submitted a Parents as Partners project, to make it possible for parents to assist in behavioral interventions at schools, so fewer children are suspended. Vote for her project, and she may move forward to the finalist round.

Vote for Fannie here.

Fannie is a counselor and entrepreneur listed in the Lovefraud Professional Resources Guide. View her profile here.

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me too.


Done deal.


Voted for by me! What does done mean? done deal? and me too? Is that exspressing support or not?

Thanks everyone. I appreciate the support!


Not only did I vote, but this is a subject that is so very close to my heart.

We are raising our ten year old grandson. He has been diagnosed with ADHD, RAD and high functioning Autism. He has intervention from special ed. classroom with IEP for behavioral problems. He has been suspended five times, twice in first grade. None of the suspensions were a result of him hurting or harming anyone. The only option we were given was to object to the County School Board AFTER the suspension was served.

Thank you Ms. LeFlore for caring to make a difference. Best of luck to you.

Milo — Thanks for sharing your story. It is incredibly sad that parents and grandparents are sidelined, treated as if their input doesn’t matter. Donna’s work with and all the contributions from participants on this blog have helped me see the larger connections in our society where people are treated as disposable, inconsequential, irrelevant.
Oddly, that would include the majority of citizens in this country and across the globe.

The media emphasis on making news around celebrities (singers, sports players, corporate raiders,etc) and spokespeople who have no claim to fame other than being financially rich can make us lose sight of the importance of everyday decent working people and professionals like doctors, nurses, teachers and others who should be deemed the true role models for young people in their communities.

We need to challenge the patterns of oppression and control by uncaring people in power — in politics and corporations that influence what impacts the rest of us.

We can all do our part to call attention to the non-sense by not treating other people as “less than” based on socioeconomic status alone.

If parents and grandparents cannot reason with school administrators to come up with reasonable solutions and consequences for children’s relatively minor behavioral issues at school (to prevent suspensions), it sends a message that adults who take care of children will be treated as unimportant and unable to advocate to make a difference in their lives.

There are connections between the personal and political issues all of us encounter at some point in life. We should not feel we are fighting all battles alone. When children do not get decent educations in part because they are treated inhumanely, it overlaps into communities — contributing to instability at many levels including school dropouts, incompetent employee, criminal behaviors and dysfunctional families.

That’s one reason I strongly support the work Donna and others who contribute to LoveFraud are doing. The masses need to be educated that pathological narcissists/sociopaths focus on controlling options that other people have access to, and they make decisions with no interest in the common good. They regard other human beings as property, akin to slavery.


Your words are so true.
The best example of sociopathology is slavery. It is the need to control others.
If the sociopath is only good for one thing it is to serve as an example of how not to be. When we see someone or ourselves trying to control others, we need to step back and see the pathology. Control of others can take many subtle and insidious forms. It happens between persons and also through controls of people through institutions. There is no difference in how evil it is. We need to be educated and aware of both types.

lesson learned



not crazee – all of the phrases/ words you mentioned are supportive. done and done deal means that they voted.

Hi Skylar — Very well said — and something that’s often downplayed or overlooked: “Control of others can take many subtle and insidious forms. It happens between persons and also through controls of people through institutions.”


Is this in anyway going to stop the horrible violence that has become a way of life in the young people in my area? A few miles away from me they have set a 14 yr old on fire and another incident beat a 14 yr old to the point of permanent brain damage. NOW… it’s getting closer to me.. not a few miles away from me… just a few “blocks” away from me they beat a 17 yr old, that happened Monday the poor child is still in the hospital with a collapsed lung, What in the world is that carp? That could have been me walking down the street! Somebody needs to get to the bottom of the “rage” in the young people that are our “future” in this country. Can you help with that? The attack was 7 against 2. What has gone so wrong with our youth today to cause them to be like a sociopath? Was there meds that women took while they were pregnant that has caused this? Is it the economy? Nature vs Nurture!!! What is going on? The victims family won’t release their identity… for fear of retaliation. That is no way to live!!! IN FEAR of youth!! What is happening to the conscious of our youth?

super chic

I voted for Fannie, and I also copied the link and then attached it to my Facebook page and asked my peeps to vote and to post it to their wall (hope that’s ok).

soimnotthecrazee1 — You know the answer to the question you pose about what’s wrong with young people: We all have a role to play in solutions.

Re: your comment, “Somebody needs to get to the bottom of the “rage” in the young people that are our “future” in this country. Can you help with that?”

I think rage can evolve when people consistently do not get basic needs met or are not seen/heard (rendered invisible) by someone/others important in their life. It is often related to people feeling mistreated, disrespected, devalued,etc. Sometimes it starts at home and gets carried out into the world, and sometimes it builds up from interactions in the world over time — for normal people.

As you and others already know, rage in narcissists and sociopaths is a different animal altogether rooted in entitlement, self-centeredness, immaturity,etc.

You also know that there are a lot of good young people, trying to do the right thing. They too deserve our support. When we focus only on the bad ones as being typical of youth today, we lose sight of how to help the good ones continue to resist negative peer pressure or other influences.

My project deals with keeping kids from suspensions for school behavioral issues that are relatively harmless (even if highly irritating to teachers and other adults) — student violence is not acceptable.

The project has a particular focus — engaging parents in problem solving and supporting students and teachers — that is only one piece of the solution. Other people can figure out how they will help or not. I’ve long ago given up on trying to do it all — such attempts at perfectionism can become immobilizing.

shabbychic — thanks not only for your vote, but also for using the FaceBook network to generate additional support. Much appreciated!

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