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How many sociopaths are in your town?

Sociopaths are the most destructive personalities of the human race. Don’t you think you should know how many of them are living in your community?

If you’re in the U.S., can give you a rough idea. Just click on the “Risk Calculator” link—it’s located in the navigation bar and at the top of most pages. Plug in your zip code and you’ll know about how many predators are targeting people in your town.

Sociopaths in selected communities

  • New York, NY—80,083
  • Los Angeles, CA—23,560
  • Phoenix, AZ—12,024
  • St. Petersburg, FL—3,486
  • Great Falls, MT—711
  • Mankota, MN—517
  • Skippack, PA—7

Dr. Robert Hare, an international expert on sociopaths (he uses the term “psychopaths”), estimates that 1% of the population of North America … Read more

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