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Risking death to stand up to threats recently heard from a woman in Illinois, who we’ll call Mary. Mary is trying to protect herself and her eight-year-old daughter from her ex-boyfriend, the daughter’s father, who has guns and has threatened to use them. Not only is Mary fighting the ex, but she’s fighting lawyers—both hers and his—and an unresponsive family court.

Mary left the ex for good in 2001, when their daughter was three. The guy has an alcohol problem and a 20-year arrest record. He has five arrests for DUI (driving under the influence of alcohol) and 14 DWLR arrests (driving while license revoked). He has two arrests for domestic battery. Two different women have sought protection orders against him, including Mary.

In … Read more

Sociopathy–People Magazine doesn’t get it

Last year People Magazine put out a special publication called True Crime Stories—Cases that shocked America. It is a 144-page collection of headline-grabbing murders, rapes and thefts. It also suggests that when it comes to sociopaths, People Magazine just doesn’t get it.

The book includes 96 cases, plus celebrity mug shots. The word “sociopaths” was used once, in the introduction to the chapter called Murder for Murder’s Sake. Here is what it says:

“There’s one group most of us don’t understand: those whose motive for killing is killing itself. They don’t hate their victims; often they don’t even know their victims. When caught, they rarely plead, whine or cry. Frequently they’re chillingly matter-of-fact, even boastful ”¦ Nowadays we … Read more

Tolerance is not for sociopaths

Not long ago my husband and I saw Rob Becker’s Defending the Caveman, a one-man comedy about men, women, and how we’re different. It gives funny-but-true explanations of why men watch television so intently, why women shop so intently, why women talk more than men and many other characteristics of the sexes that often lead to conflict.

The show starts from the premise that women tend to believe all men are jerks (the actual terminology is a bit more colorful). The actor, our modern-day caveman, uses humor and compassion to defend his sex. The message he wants to convey is that men aren’t jerks, and neither are women. We’re just different, and we should learn to understand and … Read more

Call Ed Hicks a bigamist, but not a sociopath

Ed Hicks pleaded guilty to bigamy in a Chesapeake, Virginia courtroom on March 2. He will sit in jail until his sentencing on May 8.

Ed Hicks was married seven times, and court records indicate that four of the unions were bigamous. As you might expect, the story is complicated—for details read the Ed Hicks case history on Here’s the quick version:

Sandra Hicks, the seventh wife, filed bigamy charges against Ed Hicks last year. Worried that her “husband” would get away with a slap on the hand—bigamy is rarely prosecuted—Sandra went to the media. The Washington Post published a story about Hicks and his marrying ways on July 1, 2005, the date of his initial hearing … Read more

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