A type of religion that creates sociopaths

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    My ex- was raised in a religion, and a family that made him sociopath. That religion is not for children. Only an adult is capable of adopting/deciding if it’s for them. I won’t say what the religion is, but for those who know anything about it, they will recognize the symptoms/practices. The religion forbids use of alcoholic beverages and tobacco. So the mother was a fanatic in the religion, and the father was an alcoholic who smoked!!! Figure THIS out???!!! This conflict alone, would have some sort of split or devastation in a child. At least I think so. Also, one MUST put God first — in everything. So, basically, don’t have fun — the mother squelched the children’s’ interests , desires, and creativity. So, this mother told her children (and grandchildren) that only God is real, and everything else is a delusion of the devil. This was the same husband I’ve written about here before: the one who gaslighted me, and “disappeared” some of possessions that were valuable or had special meanings for me. He told me one time, “I don’t get mad, I get even!” So, in his upbringing, h e was ordered to remain cheerful at all times. So, how might a child cope with a home like that? — well, lie. Lie to try to get away from this lie his mother was telling him — that what he saw and experienced was unreal. He would be impelled to agree with her, so he would lie in order to do that. I can also understand how he’d “get even” with his mother, instead of getting mad, since anger would not have been allowed. But the father was a very angry person — so on and on with this strange family. And that’s how he was trained to act, and continued to do so in his adult years. One other thing — since only God could heal illness or injury, she was letting two of her kids die of a congenital blood disease. Everyone on the dad’s side of the family had it, and everyone knew this, but nobody told the kids. Only a very specialized surgery would cure the disease. All the people on the dad’s side eventually got the surgery, but the mother would not hear of it — so the two teenagers, a brother and sister of about the same age, lay on the couch, weak, dying — then the father got home from a business trip and rushed the kids to the hospital. After the surgery, they were fine again. For a long time, I knew that that husband, now ex-, was extremely resentful of his mother, because of that. That is, of course, understandable, when your own mother would let you die because you didn’t allow God to heal you. But at some point, he started associating again with his mother. In fact, there was a competition between me and her! She flirted with him — can you imagine? She finally defeated me — convinced him I was no good for him. So he turned against me. But I now believe the only reason he married me was because I owned a house, and he thought I was rich, and wanted the house and what he believed the pile of money I had. I had no pile of money anyway! Kind of like the Charles Boyer movie we’ve discussed here — “Gaslight,” where Boyer’s character — the husband -was trying to trick and deceive his wife because he believed she had a lot of money stashed somewhere in the house.

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