Best Abuse Recovery program in several USA states (My experience)

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    I have been to several organizations’ abuse recovery groups. But only one was truly helpful, and welcoming to all people who had been abused. Except for A.R.M.S., I did not feel welcome, because my abuse was mostly emotional and financial. The other women there had mostly been beaten up badly. Not me — emotionally beaten up badly, yes! But the physical abuse I had experienced was not as severe as theirs, so I did not “count” to them, as an abused woman.

    Abuse Recovery Ministry and Services, “ARMS” has closed groups for people who are now, or have been, in abusive situations. They have wonderful! printed sheets identifying what abuse is, and what you can do to protect yourself. Although they are an evangelical Christian organizaton, they welcome EVERYONE of any religion or no religion. I’m not religious, but was entirely comfortable there. They have a prayer afterwards, and refer to Jesus or a divine spirit, but I felt comfortable with that, too.

    Here is from their email to me: They “are in many states now; Florida, Montana, Idaho, Washington, California, Illinois and Oregon. Tennessee & Maryland have closed groups.

    “If you want to call us and get specific locations or the call-in number, please feel free to do so anytime Monday through Friday 8 AM to 5 PM (PST) at 866-262-9284.”

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