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    I just finished the book “I should have known” by Jean Hanff Korelitz and I would like to recommend it to all people who are still haunted by self-doubt and struggling with self-forgiveness after having been deceived by a psycho/sociopath.

    The book is about a News York Psychologist who is about to publish a book on how women should pick up all the small warnings men give out in the first few dates. Based on her practice as a psychologist, she concludes that the relationship problems people run into can always be traced back to such warning signs and, therefore, these women should have known they were dating someone who is dishonest/aggressive/bad with money etc. Then she finds out her husband is not who she thought he was and needs to grapple with her own ‘mistakes’.

    I really enjoyed the story, found many things very relatable and really loved how the protagonist, in the end, is able to overcome her self-doubt and forgive herself.

    The goodreads link is here:

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