Can someone really be a sociopath if they love animals?

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    My ex bf and i broke up about a month ago. We had been together for 4 yrs. I could never trust anything he said. He’s a pathological liar, lies about even the smallest things. He was on dating websites all those years, cheating every chance he got. I saw most of his Facebook messages. He’s a huge manipulator and nothing is ever his fault. He would throw his own kid under the bus if it make him look good (if he had kids). I gave him thousands of dollars to help him out and i got nothing in return. I mean NOTHING. I tried to kick him out a couple times before and he destroyed our apartment and threathened suicide. So I felt guilty and let him stay. But I could never trust him and then he would say things like I’m over controlling! It was really tough being with him. Finally, last time I kicked him out it was for good. Which, of course i’m upset over but i know its for the best. However, we have a dog together. I bought the dog for my daughters after i got divorced and we had only just started dating. I paid adoption fees and all vet bills so he’s rightfully mine but I know my ex is devastated. I know he did love that dog. They really did have a special bond. So while I want to go no contact, I feel awful about refusing him to have the dog some days. Can he really be a sociopath if he loves our dog so much because I thought they couldn’t love anything? I’m really up in the air about sharing the dog with him.

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    No two people are alike. Even sociopaths. I believe they can form attachments to dogs.
    That being said, do not give in. It is his way of trying to stay in your life. He will use the dog to do that. You kicked him out. Good for you. I learned many things about mine. He sounds a lot like yours. He lives with a woman who he tells me she’s only a friend. I now know it’s a lie.He had a relationship with me and who knows how many others. She has been trying to get him out of her house for almost two years and she always takes him back. Stay no contact. It’s very hard to get them to go away.
    Mine threatened suicide many times to me. He wanted me to marry him. I believed him when he said he was just roommates with the girl. He also told me it was his house…I later learned it was hers. They are predators looking for smart, empathetic people to take care of them and allow them to have bad behaviors.
    Don’t let him see the dog.

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