Can We Warn Others?

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    Is there a place where we can publicly list the names of the lovefrauders? I was suspicious of the guy i was dating and nearly engaged to him! so I looked at his emails (something of course i felt guilty about doing) and found one from his previous victim. I don’t want him to get away with doing it to another innocent victim. I wish I could have googled his name and confirmed my suspicions (really my family’s suspicions bc i was fooled…) months ago. I trusted him with everything and all he did was leave me in ruins- financially, emotionally, physically and spiritually ( we met at a religious holiday and then he used my spiritual beliefs against me, making me feel like i was a bad person for not giving enough). thankfully i have a supportive family to fall back on. he tried to isolate me from them and got really close to making me see them as the enemy but that was where I drew the line.

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