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    I’ve been compiling a list of creepy things my ex said while we together, that really should have been red flags at the time, if I’d been paying attention. This is a way of reminding myself that he was NOT normal, and that it wasn’t just my imagination.

    “I knew from our second date that I was going to marry you.”

    “Our love is so much better than everyone else’s. Everyone else just seems so shallow, but ours is real.”

    “I really thought we were the same person. You’re not who I thought you were.”

    “If we ever broke up, I’d probably just die.”

    And possibly the creepiest:

    “Do you think I’ll ever get to see you cry?”

    Feel free to add your own. People need to know that if someone in their life says any of these things, they should RUN.

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    Great post marinapearl . About 1 month after meeting her, she wrote a very deep letter and near the end said

    ” you can’t die before I do”

    another one was

    “you make me feel the way I am supposed to feel”

    Looking back, it was all just her digging the nails in. The red flag was when when I would say or do things for her and in all honestly mean them from my heart, she would find a reason to discredit them and constantly question weather I really loved her.

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    Let’s see, here are some I can remember: (get ready to cringe!)

    “Do you think this is some kind of game?”

    “This is the first time I have ever considered a monogamous relationship”
    (he went on the explain that he had never met anyone ‘worthy’ of his undivided attention)

    “This is my soul mate” (we weren’t even a couple, and this is how he introduced me)

    “Ok, but the other part of the solution is for you to stop watching me” (this was his suggestion for my being upset that he flirted and gawked at other women when we were walking together. He thought that to be ‘fair’ I should also do my part to stop noticing his behavior)

    “I have never felt so supported in my life” (when I gave him money…and he CRIED)

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    Reading this just makes me sick. I was asked the same thing. If he would ever see me cry? I don’t understand that. When he said he loved me so much and I was his soulmate but we couldn’t have a life together- he asked all the time if I was over him yet. He would ask me if I cried that day. Because he was “ living with his wife who was like a roommate “ but after months of seeing me “he had to give his marriage one more try”

    I don’t understand the crying thing. It’s so creepy

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    One thing that just came to mind. He said. “ I think about when I die you will have to grieve in secret “ because he was married (unhappily he said as roommates) and I fell for it. But what a weird thing to say

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      I thought it was a creepy thing to say, too, but at the time I just chalked it up to our different dispositions. He made himself out to be very sensitive and emotional, and I have always been more logical and cool-headed (until I met HIM). He would always ask me if movies ever made me cry, and if I ever “picked up” other people’s emotions. I think he was trying to gauge how empathetic I am, so he could use my empathy against me.

      Or maybe he just enjoyed seeing people cry. Who’s to say? I don’t even know if I WANT to understand how he thinks.

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    What they LOVE is being the reason we are crying. They love making us feel bad, seeing us be broken-hearted about THEM. It makes them feel BIG, and in control of us. They love feeling powerful. And it makes them feel powerful when they make us feel emotional.

    At first they love seeing our elation at having met them. Then our lust at wanting them. Then our longing to have them back again. Then our despair at having lost them.

    It is all a game.

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