Do Sociopaths/Psychopaths understand who they are?

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    Dear Readers,

    I have another question to help sooth my overworking mind.

    Do sociopaths/psychopaths understand who they are, meaning do they realize they have an antisocial personality disorder called sociopathy/psychopathy?

    My husband kept saying “I am a handful” throughout our relationship and that I was the only one getting him so I was so perfect for him. He was blaming it to the post military PTSD, losing an adult child, homelessness, failed relationships (none of which was his fault), but I found out none of these are true. Since he had about 5 wives in the past and multiple affairs (I am still not sure of the counts and it doesn’t matter at this point), I am sure a few of them would have figured him out and possible told him openly, but I wonder if my husband recognizes that he is a psychopath/sociopath or does he possibly think that he is Normal and everyone else including me, has a problem?

    This would help me in my understanding of my husband’s response after I leave this intoxicated relationship that I thought was a “dream come true” in the beginning.

    Thank you again.

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    @rosy I can only speak from personal experience. The psycho-/sociopaths I have interacted with were well aware of being different.
    People showing narcissistic traits seem to be more likely to believe everyone else has a problem. Again that is only my personal observation.
    Every individual is different.

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    I believe it depends on the intelligence and self-awareness of the individual psychopath/narcissist. Like all people, they range in intelligence from ridiculously stupid to brilliant. Age is also a factor; we learn more and become more self-aware as we get older, so an older person is more likely to know what they are, or at least that they are very different from the norm, than a younger person.

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    Thank you both, I appreciate your support here.

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