He Is Flying Under the Radar


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    Sandra Brown says women are often ‘success-struck’ by the psychopaths true or surface success. This blinds them to his psychopathy. When trusting women expect psychopaths to be criminals, they don’t expect them in an office.

    Psychopaths seek out positions with power over others:

    medical doctors
    psychiatrists or other positions within other fields of psychology.

    They can be slick but not always violent, have exploitive ethics and have impressive management while conscienceless.

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    This is chapter 3.

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    I know a gal who married her psychiatrist. she was hospitalized for depression at 18. he was her young psychiatrist. they had 2 boys, he divorced her. she constantly complains about him. I wonder about him.

    I also know a gal whose psychiatrist husband requires her to take medication. that sounds like abuse.

    I know several psychiatrists who are professional and ethical but these I wonder.

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    I think it is best not to say anything to the gal who married her psychiatrist and now complains about him. it would just make a bad situation worse.

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