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    can anyone help me , ive been talking with this guy for a few months
    online , and over time i have noticed he tells lies that are just out of this
    world , apart from this ive started to notice he adds hundreds of women to his facebook and his instagram which i find extremely insulting as he said he has fallen in love with me , he likes all their photos and makes comments like wow , or beautiful .
    When i ask him why does he do this i find if hurtful he says what what its just a photo , so now in thinking ok maybe its just me , he also lied about having facebook until i just happened to come across it by chance,then we started having arguments almost every night ..following one massive row he then proceeded to block me on hos phome and fb i had no way of contacting him.I was dumbfounded what have i done wow this seemed so extreme .
    Anyway we started to talk again i found him om instagram and over the next few weeks we started communicating again ,but i could tell something was different im pretty sure his talking to another woman as he kept causing arguments accussing me of talking to someone else then he was signing into facebook and was on there for hours but ignoring me…ive also noticed he keeps posting pictures of guns hmmmmm why would he do this ????anyone please have you any advice

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    Donna Andersen

    kazzxt – Dump him. Stop talking to him. At best, he’s a player. At worst, he’s a sociopath. don’t waste your time.

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