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    Hello everyone,

    My parents are divorced, and while I am nearly independent, I have one year of college left before I move out from the apartment I share with my mother and try my best to permanently fall off of my sociopath father’s radar. My father knows our address due to alimony/child support payments, and I speak to him fairly regularly (these conversations are for the most part pleasant), and during the most recent of these calls, he announced that he has booked a flight and hotel to come visit me in a couple of months (note he did not ask first, this was the first I’d heard of any visit). This will be the first time in a year that I’ve been less than half a country away from him. What do I do? He knows where I live, I can’t very well stop him from showing up. Will he try to harm me? Do sociopaths feel any sort of love for/protectiveness over their children? Any helpful advice on how to survive the 5 days he’s here??

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