How to do background check/s?

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    Does anyone know how to do a criminal background check, a credit check, address check, and a driver record?

    I want to get these from all over the USA. I think it’s mostly done in-state, but of course to be totally reliable, these checks need to be done nationally.

    Why, you may be asking, to I want a credit check and a driving record check? Well, a good background on those two things reflect a person’s overall character — and whether I’d be safe with him/her.

    As for an address check, if s/he moves around every few months or years, this, too, maybe a sign of instability or deception.

    I would not go behind a man’s back. I would tell him after 1-2 dates that these are things I will be checking, for my own safety. I would tell him he’s welcome to do the same about me. If any man has trouble with that, well, that’s not a man I’d want.

    So, how do I get these things? There are online search programs, but I don’t know which — if any — of these is reliable.

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