Hurt my dog


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    I let the sociopath back in and was told by another person that he was “roughing up” my blind and deaf dog. Needless to say i kicked him out although he denied it. I had to literally pay him to leave. Had him sign a statement that he will never return. I feel so terrible for what i let happen to my poor dog. I will never know what actually happened but dont doubt that he would hurt him. So upset… Makes me sick to my stomach…i will feel guilty for the rest of my life… .

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    Donna Andersen

    traumatized41 – I am so sorry. I know how awful it feels. At least you got him permanently out of your life.

    Remember, as Cesar Milan says, dogs live in the moment. So be good to your dog and he will come around.

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    Thank you Donna. But it still is so awful. Anyone reading this please listen to the warning signs. A sociopath is capable of anything. If you have ever thought for a second he or she may be capable of hurting someone you love do not give them any unsupervised access.

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