I am having this overwhelming drive to expose my ex.. I want to expose hi

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    I am being driven to expose my ex for his behaviours.. I’ve been in this frenzy of discovery and revelations.. I’ve been dealing with this man for 20 years, and during those 20 years I have been extremely depressed and lost!! Even though I have been introduced to certain forms of help and support, I never once could figure out why he was the way he was and why he kept doing it, and why was I letting it happen.. I do not feel that this man deserved to be happy, ever!! But you see I’m not in control of that!! But I feel that I must use my voice to educate the family and certain recovery community’s (AA, NA) I have been in and out of recovery for addictions, and I could never make a connection.. For some reason I feel now that I have found the pieces to my puzzle..

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    Sandradee68, It is very freeing to realize the person you have been dealing with for so long is disordered and not capable of change. It can explain so many things and help you feel like you’re not crazy. Something to keep in mind is that the majority of people cannot possibly comprehend what a sociopath is, so you may not get much support in the larger community. I suggest you talk about it here and with a very selective group of people – maybe a trained counselor – who understand about sociopaths. Exposing him could possibly backfire on you, especially if he launches a smear campaign against you. Your number one goal should be to protect yourself at all costs. Protect yourself before you try to save others.

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    Wise advice stargazer…. these individuals are so good at what they do that most people think they are wonderful human beings and the more we try to expose…. the more it looks like WE HAVE THE PROBLEM… the anger and rage at what they have done to us justifies wanting to expose them but we only hurt ourselves in doing so.
    I am trying to take wide birth from the sociopath I am in the midst of divorcing. My life has been a roller coaster ride since 12/14 when the
    police removed him. Silly me- I thought the worst would have been behind me now that the police got him out… WRONG… the hateful vengeance became triple from what I had been living with.

    He of course went on a smear campaign as a cover for himself and I just had to ride it out… hold my head as high as I could… I was a business woman in the community…… it was awful. There were times I felt like I was drowning. He plays the victim well.I say let others find out because they will.. the mask does slip… and when it does he will expose himself!

    As we move towards the trial in September… now the 4th court appearance no less because he is being impossible(no surprise here). He has a pro bono lawyer yes…he milks the system and works under the table. I have now spent $ 24,000. in legal fees. I do hope that the Judge sees him for what he is… especially if he gets triggered on the stand. He has never taken accountability for ANYTHING… so to be questioned by my lawyer may flip his switch… and he will turn into the tyrant that he truly is.. yet maybe not. In my quiet moments I secretly hope it does and he can be seen for the raging lunatic he is. He did flip out on a Judge in a restraining order renewal hearing.

    I am incredibly grateful to have found this site where there are others who have also experienced or are experiencing similar toxic relationships. It is helpful to vent and gain knowledge on these sick people and how we ourselves got tangled up with them.

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