I ended it with him yesterday…

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    We were in a relationship for 5 years… I gave him space the last year and he moved into his own apartment down the street. We were still in a relationship and took trips (Hawaii, Cabo). Found out a month ago that he has another girlfriend of 8 months and they have been living together for 2. He said he was living with his parents… was too stressful to move into a place together with school and work. Little did I know he had moved in with her. She lived 2 streets away from his parents so he would rush over there if I wanted to FaceTime. Well it came to blows when I found tagged pictures of them.. we broke up he stayed with her. 2 weeks later, he is constantly calling. I said I didn’t want to hear his voice… he persisted and I gave in. Needless to say we found a way to keep in communication. He was now just cheating on her. I died inside every day when he would go see her. He’s charming and attractive and whenever he would get busted would play the threaten suicide card. Would just say he’s toxic and would say nobody could ever love him…. so the sympathy was on him. I would never in a million years let someone put me in this position…. But he found a way. He’s definitely a sociopath.

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    He sure sounds like a sociopath. He’s definitely a liar and you’re right: he’s cheating on both of you. You’re doing the right thing for yourself and your life to stop having any contact with him. It’s painful and so difficult, but it’s the best way to protect yourself from him harming you more.

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