I just realized my exboyfriend was a sociopath

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    I’ve been with my ex for 1 1/2 yrs. I knew there was something wrong from the beginning but he seemed to be everything i ever wanted. Within a couple of dates he told me how much he loved me,asked to move in with him. Said eveexactly what i wanted to hear…he couldn’t wait to marry me,plan our life together. All of the things normal couples do but he would do crazy stuff like not talk to me on the phone unless he felt like it, ignore me for days, then come back like nothing happened. He wwould say he didnt know if he wanted us to be together and then leave and come back over and over all the time making me physically ill. To the point of having to take a leave of absent from work. Lying to me and when i would catch him it was my fault…i finally caught him with someone else and of course he said that he never loved me. It was all me and im sure he portrayed me as being crazy but he was still telling me how much he loved me while seeing her. I am so devasted. I tried so hard and forgave him over and over. I cry myself to ssleep every night knowing that there is nothing i could have done but i feel like such f failure. I just dont know how to get past such hurt. If anyone has any words to help i would appreciate it….thanks

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